Special Note: This section tends to be where a lot of our competitors gravitate to figure out how we do so well in the industry, so forgive us in advance if we give you just enough to contact us.  Remember, most of our competitors will not want you to believe in a Marketing Plan and many others would not know how to provide you one that was cost effective as a separate step in your Marketing Strategy.

  • Are you an individual business owner? Between $2,750 and $4,350 for approximately a 30 to 45 Day Commitment which includes the Marketing Plan and access to the Basic and Advanced Classes.  Many times people will ask us to also include the price of a new website, and that we will gladly provide after talking with you.   There are variables such as the number of services you provide, your target geography, whether you already have content available to spearhead the development and some other factors that are easier to verbalize.
  • Are you an organization or company selling to contractors?  Our relationship is formed based on the estimated number who will take advantage of the service; and be afforded access to our educational series and the time frame too.  Every one of your customers (contractors and distributors) will receive between $4,350 to $20,000 in marketing value (depending on whether we are just creating a plan, creating a plan with website updates, or possibly creating a plan and a brand new website).  Our objective is to help your members and customers grow their business and stay in business and become repeat purchasing customers.  We will provide a mutually acceptable value proposition once we know the number of target companies.