• Call up any Lead Generation or Advertising company and ask them what it costs to have a few key services and locations advertised.  You will hear everything from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars for just a few months.  This is nothing other than short-term advertising while everything we will do is for lifelong marketing strategy.  That value is for you to decide.
  • Look at whatever you have spent with your current website company and just ask yourself “why did I even bother to read this entire MyOnlineToolbox post?”.  What has been lost in the time it took you to reach this point?  One will never know and all we want to do is change your direction in how you have gone about the process of marketing.
  • How will you feel when you become so proactive (and not reactive) with contractor marketing and website SEO topics like so many of these contractor marketing testimonials?

The Value is you will be filling a massive void in order to achieve long lasting business growth and profitability.  So many go to school to get a MBA Degree not knowing what business they will go into after graduation.  And one of the key topics emphasized getting a MBA is Marketing.   But so many contractors start a business without really embracing Marketing from the start.  So the Value Proposition is filling the void of understanding Marketing while also having a sustainable plan of action to getting More Quality Leads for a lifetime.