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I strongly recommend MyOnlineToolbox to anyone who is in need of quality marketing or website help. My business started working with MyOnlineToolbox because we were looking to update our business website. The site that we were using was visually impressive, but from an SEO standpoint, it wasn’t working. We just weren’t getting any calls or leads from the site and we were frustrated. That all changed once we met with MyOnlineToolbox. They explained how they could meticulously create a custom-built marketing plan for us that would help guide us to increase traffic and leads. As part of the plan, we would be rebuilding our website in such a way that would increase qualified traffic for our business. We chose to work with them and haven’t looked back.

Once we got our marketing plan, it was clear that it was indeed a custom plan and that MyOnlineToolbox had put a lot of hard work into. Through the plan, we learned how to focus our strategy and to organize our content so that we can best represent ourselves on our new website and on social media. In fact, MyOnlineToolbox said we did so well that they asked if they can show our page write up drafts to future marketing clients. So perhaps you’ll see some of our work in their future marketing plans.

We have been following our new marketing plan ever since we got it and have been very happy with the results so far. Traffic has increased and our new website ( is beautiful and bringing in far more leads than before. We owe it all to MyOnlineToolbox and would highly recommend them to anyone who is struggling with their online presence.

Jordan Eggli
Lincorp Borchert
West Bloomfield, MI

I wish I had started with your beginner AND advanced training BEFORE I created any online presence as I would have saved time, frustration and generated more quality leads sooner. The information provided in the training is concise, straight forward and exactly tailored for contractors. MyOnlineToolbox covered all the bases so that I could market our business ( online with confidence, avoiding many pitfalls including those of the lead gen companies. Great value. Highly recommended.

Ginga Cox

Ozworx LLC

Southport, NC

Ozworx LLC
Southport, NC

Love the myonline toolbox program. Thanks.

Jack of all Trades
South Carolina
I absolutely love the software.  I love that I can send invoices/estimates via email especially when I have given an initial estimate or invoice and they paid a deposit but still owe.  I don’t have to stop to scan and email the form or waste a bunch of postage sending essentially the same invoice.
Hyman Electrical Contracting

My own method of estimating, tracking progress and just simply running my construction business was not working.  Every once and a while I would misplace notes or a complete file.  Not any more.  MyOnlineToolbox has simplified a good portion of my business.  Estimating, tracking progress, tracking payments, notes, Everything is done quicker and easier right at my finger tips.  I have not misplaced anything so far so every thing has been great. Thanks MyOnlineToolbox for helping me organize my business.

Gossling Construction

J&B Construction has been using MyOnlineToolbox for more than 2 years and it is an invaluable tool for keeping track of our work processes. We have processed literally thousands of jobs, work orders and invoices with this system and would recommend this system for anyone in the construction, maintenance and/or service business. It is a very straightforward system and is very easy to learn for employees regardless of their technical skill level. As a company we are very happy to have found this software system and it has helped make our company much more productive and organized than ever.

J & B Construction & Maintenance Services

MyOnlineToolbox allows me to keep track of all my customers and any information I may have on them, and best of all it only took me a few hours to learn how to navigate through the software. I would strongly recommend this software to anyone that would like to work more efficiently and is looking to grow their business.

Elite Renovators
New Jersey
“I have all the work I can handle & then some right now.   Thank you for everything.  Your site has really helped my company get to where it is today.”
Premier Drywall Services
“You guys do have a great product. Thank you.”
Muilenburg Enterprises
New York
“I was amazed at how simple it was to enter my information, get bids out and communicate with our client. As much as we are “in the field”, having a resource like this is going to streamline our “paperwork” so nicely. Time saving = money making in my book!”
North Carolina

“It is another great piece of technology that helps our business move forward at a lightning pace.”


“I am a new user for MyOnlineTool box for a few months and use for writing professional looking estimates that I can fax, email and print anywhere that I am located.

“Good price, easy intuitive controls, and its always being improved because they listen to their customers. Very helpful staff. Easy-Easy-Easy.”

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We encourage existing members to either submit positive comments to the above forum or directly to us. We also ask that you send suggestions to improve our service directly within the platform application.

Here is what our original customers have said about the MyOnlineToolbox platform solution:

“Thank you for taking the time to demonstrate the MyOnlineToolbox today. I did go in and play around and found that this system is much easier than the software I currently use for my business – Quickbooks! Amazing! I think everyone has done a tremendous job in designing the site!”
I’ve been using this system and now I don’t have to worry about “not” having the info I need on site because I just boot up the laptop to login and work or retrieve info.  And it’s my info not MOTB’s.  It’s just stored on a secure online server rather than the server in my office. But I do back up on my office server.  The data base is being custom built created by importing from other places and created around only item we use.  Estimating time has reduce this way. Pricing is checked with supplier and subs, so they are confirmed and keep for future use / reference.  Work Orders go out with cost codes as part of them, so crew members don’t make time card mistake they just verify the time for each item.  So the bookkeeper is happy because coding is done beforehand and matches the estimate,  Feedback to the estimator is better, pricing is more accurate and estimates are turned around faster. and sales are close quicker. Not to mention that they are invoiced as quick as we have ever been able to. Maybe you just need to make up up your mind to get rid of the pencil and paper once and for all. And excel is good but stagnant that’s why QuickBooks is use for accounting not excel and that same principle applies to estimating too.
President, Star Construction
“I tested MyOnlineToolBox, and I was very impressed with the overall system. It was pretty easy to use and self-explanatory. I feel MyOnlineToolBox is dedicated to making the product exactly what users want and need. Very innovative! I’ve been on call 24/7 for over 20 years, and I could have used this product years ago to make my life easier.”
Lois Roach
I use and think its great. Great online support and quick to respond always!! Pretty easy to just try it for free. Forgot how many free transactions they give you before you need to pay. All the info is on their site about the costs after you try. Hope my info helps.
Holloway Paint
“I was very much impressed with the new program called, MyOnlineToolBox. In my business of real estate I have often wanted a program that would link my seller’s and buyer’s information together. To be able to go online and watch the follow-up of repairs to the home, inspections, and appraisals would be such an asset. Often work needs to be done in a hurry and I can’t always find an appraiser, so being able to put it out there for the next qualified taker is great!”
Jim Laidlaw
“We were very skeptical about working with MyOnlineToolBox even though they had ties with a number of well known companies. To say that we were surprised with their expertise,their commitment, and their dedication to develop a software program tailored to our business would be an understatement. Testing and using the program helped us streamline various sectors within our roofing company, while expediting procedures within the office. We are now happy to be part of the companies testing the program.”
“I’ve been working at Home Depot for two years. I work at the contractor services desk where I have received purchase orders from a contractor using MyOnlineToolBox. I like getting them. The SKU number and everything I need is there and it’s legible. The whole process is faster for me. Errors? What errors? I’ve seen a similar attempt in the past, but this system is much better for us. I hope more are coming.”
Anthony B.
“Soon I am retiring from my business. My son wants nothing to do with my business and the way I run it. He started his own. It’s amazing to me what he can do with a computer and the Internet. I wish I knew more sooner. Things would have been easier.”
Keith Bilodeau
Owner, Bilodeau Plumbing
“I was a manager with UPS for 13 years before starting my property services company, JDM of the Palm Beaches. UPS is a leader in automation so I am accustomed to the benefits of technology. I’ve outgrown competitors quickly by implementing technology tools including the BlackBerry to manage my business from the field and to increase my availability. Technology will take the repetitive processes of a business and make them easier and faster with less error. This equals customer satisfaction. More is needed to compete for Generation X. I am now using MyOnlineToolBox with great anticipation.”
Jeff Kipper
Owner, JDM of the Palm Beaches
“I left the tech industry to start my own home repair company. I was surprised and disappointed to learn there is very little tech out there for us. A lot of it just isn’t that useful. When I was approached by MyOnlineToolBox the answer was yes and yes. Online service makes things easier and faster. I just wish they would integrate my email into the product to save me even more time!”
Jason Salzman
“MyOnlineToolBox helps me organize my materials cost by going online checking costs and submitting it to through my business to bill our customers. The resources also achieve different routes to organization and locating customers.”
Timothy A. Blood
East Coast Design
“I worked in corporate IT for many years and broke away to start Netam Corp to do something different. I was approached by MyOnlineToolBox to test very early in their development. It was natural for me. I was also surprised to learn how limited the current products were in this market. MyOnlineToolBox is definitely headed in the right direction, with my help of course! Using the internet is the right way to reach Generation X and beyond. That’s where they are, everyday.”
Axel Pilorge
Netam Window Coverings
“Grout Plus is my grout cleaning and dying company. More poeple are finding us through Internet all the time. Our plans for expansion have to include technology and the Internet to to keep pace. We are adopting the MyOnlineToolBox utility to give us the edge over competitors, but it just makes common sense to use technology to help with the day to day business tasks. That fact that it also connects us to our customers, suppliers, and work force is a plus.”
Chris Melia
Grout Restoration
“Quickbooks is OK for finance, but can’t run a business with it. Way to go MyOnlineToolBox!”
J. Chavez
Florida Air Temp
“Having started in the pest control industry with my family business years ago and having emerged/transitioned into the home inspection and commercial building inspection business is sensational. Why? Technology. Automation. We are national beta testers for which is a superior example of how contractors, appraisers, realtors, building inspectors, title companies, and anyone who “touches” a piece of real estate in one way or another can benefit from automating the back end of one”s office. We can order supplies, equipment, give a client an estimate, or send an invoice, and contact a contractor to do work for a customer. Generation X’ers are all tapping into this type of technology. We are proud to be a part of this type of smart technology, and can”t wait until we can share this information with other property contractors and vendors. Their time is better spent marketing their business rather than faxing and phoning their subcontractors only to find out that “the fax didn”t go through” and they”ve lost a day or a few weeks on a project.”
Patti Neri
US Building Inspectors
“I’m a baby boomer. My daughter is an “X”er. When someone says lets order pizza, I reach for the directory, she turns on the computer. I can’t the find the coupon I saved from the mail. She searched in Google for a promotional code. I’ll call and get a busy signal. She gets a confirmation her order was received and they never ask for the address and she just clicks “same order as last time”. I don’t like it. I still find myself ordering pizza over the phone. The other day I asked myself why? I guess I just don’t understand it. I’m trying MyOnlineToolBox. Maybe it’ll make time for more pizza with my daughter.”
Doug Flintrup
Owner, First American Restoration Inc