What does a homeowner mean to MyOnlineToolbox?


Without you there is no job. Gone are the days where you need to leave voice mail messages and play telephone tag. Getting contractors to review prices and materials has never been easier. You can pass whatever information or question you have directly to your contractor who will have their own secure business environment to respond to your questions or accept your jobs. They can provide periodic updates that will send automatic alerts for you to review and reply to. It is the perfect communications tool to be a part of the job!

We make it easy and Free for contractors to get started, but more on that shortly. And it is Free for you, the homeowner. Even better is that the homeowner does not need to become a member since it is the contractor who is part of the MyOnlineToolbox community. So go ahead and tell your contractor to join MyOnlineToolbox for more effective communications for him and you. Scroll down towards the bottom for some suggested wording to cut & paste into an email to your contractor friends.

In 2008 DELL awarded MyOnlineToolbox a TOP 10 INNOVATOR. In 2009 FORBES awarded our company as one of AMERICA’S MOST PROMISING BUSINESSES. Most of our success come from seeing our industry going through a change and surrounding ourselves with business savvy, tech savvy contractors.

If you are curios because you know a contractor to share this with, then scroll over the picture to learn more about specific product features that we provide contractors. Sure, we have general business functions for MyOnlineTolbox, but we feel you should first know what makes us different as it relates to better communications since that has been an ongoing challenge in the industry that MyOnlineToolbox eliminates.

Contractors need as many ways to effectively communicate with their customers and prospects. Perhaps you prefer to still talk on the phone, maybe you like documents sent via fax, or maybe you prefer email or maybe you wish to collaborate (similar to you participating in a forum, but in the case of MyOnlineToolbox, you share Job information with your contractor. The best news is that MyOnlineToolbox gives your contractor all the options at their fingertips from the more traditional methods to the more advanced.

Is your contractor a great craftsman but possibly not communicating the way you wish? Many times it is not their fault since the industry did not have any mobile solutions for a small contracting business. No more. A short overview of what you can get from a contractor using MyOnlineToolbox can be found here.

The MyOnlineToolbox platform allows contractors to run their business over the Internet and send electronic estimates, invoices and messages to the homeowner to review materials, prices and schedule dates. Avoiding conflicts is easy for everyone by having everything about a job online in a shared environment to ensure the materials, costs and scheduling are always agreed upon for every step of a job through payment. You can communicate with a contractor when it’s convenient for you and have a stronger relationship. Please tell your contractor to sign up to MyOnlineToolbox for free. They will thank you. Here are some suggestions to cut & paste into an email:


You should try MyOnlineToolbox for Free


I was looking at www.MyOnlineToolbox.com that targets contractors in the home repair and remodeling industries.

MyOnlineToolbox is an Internet solution where contractors log in to their own secure online application to help organize the daily operations of their business. It does what any business application should: maintain a contact database, schedule work, and create estimates and invoices and keep track of payments.

There is also a collaborative side that connects contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, homeowners, and other professionals together.

MyOnlineToolbox won both a Dell and Forbes Award so I figured I would pass this along to you.

You can sign up for FREE.