Today’s Roof Company must be productive and efficient to compete. MyOnlineToolbox is your best office assistant. It won’t make the coffee but it will snap out quick estimates, order materials, track your schedule and complete invoices with a click. In the office or at the job site, it will be there to assist you no matter where you are. It’s never out sick, will never be late and will never forget anything you tell it. MyOnlineToolbox will not only help manage the work it can find you work. No tool out there packs more productivity. Click to learn more about Roofing Business Software.
More than just a product …we're a platform.

Yes you can:

  • Use our Contractor Software to
    • Maintain your customers, subs and vendors 
    • Manage jobs and schedule work orders 
    • Create estimates, invoices then track payments
  • and use our Contractor Website - Do It Yourself Education to
    • Get Free Contractor Leads by learning how easy it is to optimize for customers 

Our one-man show, small to midsized contractor construction software allows you to automate the basics of your business without getting overwhelmed with technology, difficult setup and challenging support.  So many types of industry trades may use our platform.

You’re also connected to an internet Community Platform where you can do so much more:

  • Deploy work orders over the internet
  • Receive job updates from subs or employees
  • Order materials directly from suppliers
  • Send estimates or invoices via the internet
  • Receive estimate approvals via the internet
  • Advertise your company in the community directory
  • Get job referrals from other contractors
  • Run the office from any internet connected computer
  • Take the office to the field on a mobile computer

Are you someone who does business with a contractor?