Award Winning Online Education Class – FOR CONSTRUCTION CONTRACTORS !

Special Offer: Purchase the Basic Class for $379, and get the Advanced Class for Free (a $479 savings). That’s not all. We will also include BOTH of Randy Stanbury’s books, 10 Reasons Why Builders and Remodelers Fail to Grow: A Guide to Freedom through Growth & Scalability, and, The Elite Builders Sales System: The 5 Secret Weapons to Closing More Deals at Higher Price Points (a $72 savings). You also get a 30 minute marketing consultation from MyOnlineToolbox (another $140 savings). Invest $379 and get $1,070 in value.

Enter “4 Level Coach” in the “Referred By field” during your purchase to unlock so much knowledge & savings.

Terms of offer: Valid only in United States & Canada. Offer expires after 100 sign-ups or July 20, 2024, whichever occurs first. The new version of the Advanced Class will be available in early August and the user agrees to offer just 1 comment within 30 days of the Advanced Class being accessible then the class is locked after 30 days. The 30 Minute Marketing consultation is available through end of August.

MyOnlineToolbox has many Industry Awards and 100+ Customer Reviews.  We are also a speaker at many National Events. In short, we are a proven source of guidance for Marketing, Branding and Websites to grow with Lead Generation strategies for this specific industry.

Unfortunately most contractor websites are more promotional than one that helps them get more quality leads.  We make it easy to understand and implement the topics that work.

Whether you are an owner or office manager, you need to understand the basics for the Search Engines to properly index your business. You can’t count on your web person to know this – most programmers are good at websites, but they simply do not appreciate all the topics associated to being a contractor.

Learn how to better communicate with your web person, because you lose a lot when there is a miscommunication between you and your programmer – and you have to blame yourself. Take ownership of this critical business topic that supports years of growth.  MyOnlineToolbox has a Basic Education Class that is a must for anyone taking responsibility for their Marketing Efforts.

It is critical to educate yourself and plan for the future.  The new Basic & Advanced Versions of MyOnlineToolbox were just released, with double the content, but we are still keeping the prices the same.   MyOnlineToolbox is the leader in online marketing & website education specific to our industry.

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MyOnlineToolbox offers inexpensive options to help a contractor learn Basic and Advanced concepts of marketing a contractor website with a focus on Branding and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  There are hundreds of Marketing, Branding, Website & SEO topics one can talk about.  But the reality is, a contractor needs to embrace a few dozen concepts to generate future sales opportunities.  Generating Free Quality Leads to your own contractor website over an extended period of time will grow your business in the most favorable way.

This all began with MyOnlineToolbox originally offering consulting to methodically guide a contractor how better to understand and implement the branding of their business combined with SEO principles to attract the search engines. Over time many contractors asked us if we can come up with a way to provide the education much faster, so we created a series of classes beginning with a Basic Website Marketing Educational Class specific for the Contracting Industry.

What specifically will you learn with the Basic Class:

  • Visually understand how Search Results work. Understanding what you see whenever you search for something on the web is the best start to making your web pages more attractive to Search Engines to find your web pages.
  • A title tag is one of the most important topics when identifying an individual web page. There are just a handful of concepts to know, in a specific order for you to ensure the web page is indexed by the search engines to be found within search results.
  • While a Title Tag is very important for being indexed by a search engine to be found, the Meta Description and Web Page Address (URL) also help as extra steps to emphasize search and more importantly, guide a person to actually clicking on your web page when many results appear.
  • Keep in mind you need to combine your website with a focus on “what” you do, and “the one thing most lead generation companies hope you don’t think about”.  We make it easy for you to learn this one thing and it is worth it’s weight in gold.
  • Pictures are worth more than a 1000 words. Pictures help you create endless content opportunities. And Optimized Pictures help your web pages get found.  Just understand a few strategies and you will begin to realize how powerful of an opportunity for content creation from before the job, during it, and after the job.
  • Text will make up the bulk of your content for your website. Learn the most important aspects of using the right text for Search Engines to learn what your website and web pages are all about.  We also bring you through the strategy to enhance your story writing abilities.
  • Lead Generation is a big business, and so much of it exists since many contractors simply do not position themselves to get leads to their own websites.  We teach how to not short change yourself by quickly giving away your most valuable commodity, which is unique content. We explain Lead Gen terms and conditions since many of these items can negatively impact your long term efforts to generate leads to your own website. We end with showing the tactics that Lead Generation companies used to help drive traffic to their website, so you can emulate and beat them.
  • The class was designed and organized JUST FOR CONTRACTORS with over 40 individual topics !!!!   A contractor can just embrace a set of these topics and be SO FAR AHEAD OF THE INDUSTRY since most contractors simply don’t care about marketing making Lead Generation companies happy.  Embrace all the topics and you will be well on your way to generating quality leads in your territory.

In 5 to 6 Hours you can change so much about how you look at your own website, other competitive websites (including Lead Generation web pages) and decide for yourself whether you can do a lot on your own, or use a hired programmer, or hire a marketing firm – but you will understand what everyone is talking about.

Don’t have a straight 5 to 6 Hours to spare? Don’t worry, the class has been broken up into very quick topic reviews so you can go in for 5 to 10 minutes to focus on a topic, log out, and come back in again to continue to the next topic, but you must finish in the 30 Days provided within the License to access the class..

Who is this class specifically designed for?

  • A contractor who wants to create their own website and be ready to get leads from day one.
  • A contractor who has been playing games with Lead Generation companies for too long and realizes it is time to generate leads for themselves.
  • A contractor who possibly has a good programming resource from a technical perspective but needs guidance on the marketing side specific towards the industry.
  • Your office staff, significant other, son or daughter who wants to help you generate more leads using a website and online search

Teaching contractor website marketing education is challenging mostly because many contractors are fairly new to this important part of growing a company.  MyOnlineToolbox has mastered the topics and structure of what should come first, second, third, and so on to make our education be effective.

The sad fact is the VAST majority of contractors do not have a website designed for branding. Even worse, many who do have a website don’t know how to be found by the search engines. It takes just a little time to learn what it takes to have your Contractor Website found by search engines by making the appropriate adjustments.  And it is also important to clearly understand how your branding separates your company from others once you are found.

We have created more individual webinars than we care to count. Our videos have approximately 80,000 views. You can easily go to our Facebook Page or YouTube channel to see how passionate we are about marketing education.

We have worked with hundreds of individual consulting clients and tracked their progress between four months to over a year.

We took the best of what works for a contractor and organized the material in a very straight forward way where in five to six hours you can methodically learn and use many basic Marketing, Branding, Website and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) principles to ensure you are generating leads to your own website.

The Basic Class will set you apart from other contractors and lead generation companies. After you are done with this Basic Class we know you will be excited to take the Advanced Contractor Website Marketing Class. For a few hundred bucks and five to six hours of your time, you will begin to create a marketing machine with your contractor website.

Note: Upon signing up, you will get an email titled “[Contractor Website SEO Education Basic] Login Details Email”. Please check your spam-junk folder if it doesn’t arrive within a few minutes since the information comes from a separate server.