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Want to grow your business with more quality leads? Ready for you and your website to be a marketing machine? We encourage you to scroll to review some Customer Testimonials. Why? The sheer volume of people who were previously just like you will help motivate your next steps. Or perhaps you’d rather listen to a few customer reviews in addition to the one below?

Marketing guidance pays for itself for years to come by getting better customers, and therefore making more money. Don’t take just our word, but rather the words of over 100 of your peers!

We were looking for someone to help us with our marketing plan for our business. This is the second time we have journeyed down the road of building a business and we wanted to find someone that actually knew how to do marketing for our line of work. We were happy to hear from MyOnlineToolbox and that they had the space to add us into their calendar! Our experience has been excellent in creating our new website ( They have kept us in the loop the whole process and has kept the schedule as initially laid out for us. It is a good learning curve and they walk you through it but knowing in the end we are building a marketing plan that will provide for us 5 and more years down the road it well worth the efforts upfront. There is a right way and a wrong way to do Marketing, MyOnlineToolbox knows the right way and will bring you to where you need to be. Very happy to keep our working relationship growing as our business grows!

Nicole Crittenden
Tall Timbers Renovation
Goderich, Ontario

With consummate patience, diligence & motivation, MyOnlineToolbox has been there literally every step of the way to see 3R Works successfully through to a marketing milestone – a branded website ( We are so grateful that we met MyOnlineToolbox, which agreed to partner with us in order to help us with Marketing Strategy in an effort to provide high quality service to our community. Thank you so very much for all your guidance through this long process!! I cannot recommend MyOnlineToolbox enough!!

Vic Onkoba
3R Works, LLC
Rochester, WA

MyOnlineToolbox did a great job with our marketing makeover. We’re very excited for our existing customers to see our new website (, and even more excited for the potential for new customers. We are grateful for and highly recommend MyOnlineToolbox!

Russ Williston
Corsair Property Solutions
Jensen Beach, FL

MyOnlineToolbox has been a game changer for me! I had no presence on the web, and all of my previous work was word of mouth. MyOnlineToolbox has helped guide me through the entire process of getting all the information that they need to produce a great website ( I am looking forward to continuing working with them and growing my business. Thank you MyOnlineToolbox.

Justin Mason
Justin Mason Construction
Keysville, VA

I am a small landscape contractor and have been working with MyOnlineToolbox now for six months. I wish I had hired them 10 years ago, but I finally got the website ( that truly represents my company. It is a thorough process, but enjoyable. I am continuing to follow and work with them on organic marketing which takes time.

Marta Garland
Greenland Landscape & Masonry, Ltd.
Danielsville, GA

So thankful to have found MyOnlineToolbox. It really has taken years and years of relationships and connections to find this partnership and it was all worth it.

I really needed someone to come alongside and hold me accountable to reaching our lofty website goals…mission accomplished (!

The organization, follow through, and dedication was just what we needed…with loads of positive encouragement on the side. Feeling very grateful.

Hillary Kastendieck
JK Construction
Montrose, CO

If it weren’t for MyOnlineToolbox’s patience combined with persistence with us small business owners, we wouldn’t be moving forward! Thank you for your patience & expertise to bring our website ( to market.

Jayson & Greta Ireland
Clover Construction
Cle Elum, Washington
Our business was struggling to make a profit, but MyOnlineToolbox has helped upgrade our image and grow our business tremendously over the past 3 years.   The phone is ringing more often and we are seeing better quality leads for larger projects.  So much so that we are finally able to draw a reasonable salary and have net profit at the end of the year.  We are on target to double our sales in 2022.   There is a lot to know about Marketing & SEO but they do a great job providing you with the basics so you understand the plan.  They make it very easy to implement changes and add content to our website ( in the proper way to build organic traffic.  Contracting is very competitive.  MyOnlineToolbox will definitely help you stand out!
Amanda Jeffrey
A. Leigh Construction
North Chesterfield, Virginia

We started with MyOnlineToolbox last year to help revamp the marketing for my construction business and assist me in building a new website ( I could not be more happier with the results with my only regret being that I did not hire them years ago. My new website it set up and already ranking very high, it is very professional and easy to navigate. And it does an excellent job at getting potential clients to contact me once they land on the site. If you are a contractor looking to boost your online presence then definitely contact MyOnlineToolbox–you’ll be very glad you did.

Jordan Barkhuff
Advanced Remodel and Construction
Tigard, Oregon

We met MyOnlineToolbox after a business coach I trust immensely recommended them. They have completely transformed not just our site, but our approach to marketing and content creation. Before working with MyOnlineToolbox, our website was in need of a serious redesign and refresh. With our original site we weren’t seeing results and did not think it reflected our current business model and our brand. MyOnlineToolbox completely revolutionized our approach to the site. They worked with us to understand our business model and showed us how to create content that is meaningful for our customers and ideal for search engine optimization. We have some personal strengths that we found important to utilize with a role in building the new site ourselves. MyOnlineToolbox taught us about the concepts behind website content and search engine optimization and enabled us to design a much better site that we are truly proud of. The site has been live for less than two weeks and we are already getting direct inquiries from potential clients. We are truly impressed with the support received from MyOnlineToolbox.

John Ploumitsakos
Modern Homestead
Boulder, Co

I have had more inquiries since we have launched our new marketing plan and website ( than I have in the last 9 years with the previous site. That speaks volumes! I wish my business friends that aren’t contractors could find a resource and team as well organized as you!

Chris Mousley
Crossbeam Builders, LLC
Salt Lake City, Utah

During the last several years, our business has been “born again”.   After receiving some very good business advice from a leading consultant, and turning our ship around to head in the right direction, we decided to turn our attention to our marketing.   We first looked at some of their free videos.  That was enough to show they knew what they were talking about and targeted it directly at construction businesses like ours.  I decided to sign up for their SEO classes.  We then upgraded to a marketing plan for a complete renovation of our website and other online efforts.   MyOnlineToolbox basically served as a “general contractor” overseeing and providing direction and guidance coordinating a web developer, a videographer, and myself to assemble an entirely new and much improved online presence.  Our new site ( captures who we are as a company and we can already hear the phone ringing with more and better quality leads.  They are very personal and will take time to explain things to you.  They are careful to help you get the most for your money and to steer you away from fruitless and wasted efforts.  We have been very pleased with MyOnlineToolbox and would recommend them to any contractor who is ready to get serious about their business and marketing.

Todd Milton
Milton Construction
Appomattox, Virginia

I went to MyOnlineToolbox at the recommendation of my business coach. I knew that I needed a new website (  I didn’t know anything about marketing.   They have been a huge help both in the process of creating a new website and explaining the concepts behind marketing.  He is personally responsible for the most exciting business connection I’ve had in years.  I feel more professional and prepared knowing I have them in my corner.

Abel Beck
Beck Painting, Inc.
Eugene, OR

MyOnlineToolbox has taught me a lot about marketing and creating a good company image. When we started working together I knew basically nothing about marketing and really saw it as a burden.  My website was awful and it never generated one lead. Outside of my website I did very little with marketing.  I basically relied on referrals for my business, but that can only take you so far.  I needed something more to boost sales. Today a little over a year later I have an amazing website ( that, generates leads and warms potential clients up to my company before I ever talk to them, it’s my greatest salesman. I am thinking more like a marketer every day and I see great thing in our future and a long term relationship with MyOnlineToolbox. They take the time to respond in detail to emails and schedules calls in a timely manner. On calls they take the time to answer all my questions and help brainstorm new ideas for marketing tactics. Marketing and website building is not for amateurs, if you want to grow your business, you need to hire the best and that is why I recommend MyOnlineToolbox.

Michael T. Strehle
All Seasons Builders, Inc.
Wakeman, OH

I was introduced to MyOnlineToolbox a couple of years ago.   I have been in business for a good time and just didn’t put much effort into marketing and websites. I had a website created ( after having a marketing plan done for my business. I really did not know much about marketing and websites, but MyOnlineToolbox has really help me.  They are very patient with me and have taken time to educate me on what it takes to have a successful marketing in place.  Since starting with MyOnlineToolbox I have received so many new leads.  I truly believe I have one of the best websites in my field for the area I am targeting.  I have been very pleased with all aspects of my journey with this company for the last couple of years and looking forward to continuing doing business with them.

Robert Geer
Geer, Inc
Royal, AR

We are thrilled with the results of MyOnlineToolbox’s work. We had a very mediocre website prior, which was providing very few leads, if any.  MyOnlineToolbox patiently guided us through goals and plans.  After organizing our content we then were introduced to a websites company and we immediately understood the value of creating our new website (  Now our online image is looking great and we’re now seeing an amazing amount of credible leads come through our website.  There are certain items that may not adequately reflect the planning that goes into allowing our work to shine in the marketing world.  For example, we love taking compelling videos and pictures of our projects.  Working with MyOnlineToolbox has allowed us to see how we need to be methodic towards how these videos are indexed for search engines an embedded into new webpages to expand our services and locations we target.  The new optimized website is by far and away our most robust source of serious leads, and we couldn’t be happier.

Jobie Mallett
Little Star Renovations
Vancouver, Canada

I strongly recommend MyOnlineToolbox to anyone who is in need of quality marketing or website help. My business started working with MyOnlineToolbox because we were looking to update our business website. The site that we were using was visually impressive, but from an SEO standpoint, it wasn’t working. We just weren’t getting any calls or leads from the site and we were frustrated. That all changed once we met with MyOnlineToolbox. They explained how they could meticulously create a custom-built marketing plan for us that would help guide us to increase traffic and leads. As part of the plan, we would be rebuilding our website in such a way that would increase qualified traffic for our business. We chose to work with them and haven’t looked back. Once we got our marketing plan, it was clear that it was indeed a custom plan and that MyOnlineToolbox had put a lot of hard work into. Through the plan, we learned how to focus our strategy and to organize our content so that we can best represent ourselves on our new website and on social media. In fact, MyOnlineToolbox said we did so well that they asked if they can show our page write up drafts to future marketing clients. So perhaps you’ll see some of our work in their future marketing plans. We have been following our new marketing plan ever since we got it and have been very happy with the results so far. Traffic has increased and our new website ( is beautiful and bringing in far more leads than before. We owe it all to MyOnlineToolbox and would highly recommend them to anyone who is struggling with their online presence.

Jordan Eggli
Lincorp Borchert
West Bloomfield, MI

I wish I had started with your beginner AND advanced training BEFORE I created any online presence as I would have saved time, frustration and generated more quality leads sooner. The information provided in the training is concise, straight forward and exactly tailored for contractors. MyOnlineToolbox covered all the bases so that I could market our business ( online with confidence, avoiding many pitfalls including those of the lead gen companies. Great value. Highly recommended.

Ginga Cox
Ozworx LLC
Southport, NC
I would recommend MyOnlineToolbox to any contractor who wants additional leads to pursue. Before we found out about their services and educational courses, we had a web site made by a local “geek”, and turned out to be a waste of time and effort. We never received any calls from that endeavor, nor at the time did I realize how much I did not know about marketing, websites and seo. Upon taking their two classes online, I quickly realized that I needed some help to navigate this properly. So then I hired MyOnlineToolbox to create an internet marketing plan and guide me through the process. As we gathered the data, pictures, etc., it became a sort of evolution in the way we think about marketing in general. This has opened up new avenues in the way we present ourselves to potential customers. Our website ( is a solid part of our online marketing initiatives. I thank them for the helpful services provided and look forward to the future with our now professional online presence.
Ryan Restorations

I have worked together with MyOnlineToolbox for almost a year when providing this review. Looking back before then and the words “marketing” and “website” had an absolutely different meaning than they do now. Marketing previous meant you pay for google or yahoo or anyone else to be seen. I thought nobody cared about how you look like, and you just pay a crazy amount of money. And unfortunately that was the only method how to promote yourself online. I also thought a website can be good looking with just a bunch of pictures and some descriptions but people won’t find it. Now working with MyOnlineToolbox and marketing has absolutely different meaning.  Whatever a client sees on our website ( is just a fraction of the work that is not seen.   There is solid foundation to our marketing strategy and a lot more work went into it than just what you see at first glance when going to our website. It is important to point out that I learned how to make everything so well organized. That is biggest change between before and after and I love it. Everything about my marketing makes sense, and it helps everyone. It helps me as a business owner to keep getting leads because people can see that there is order on our work, and also my website developer since it is so easy to work with the site. All of this has come together because of MyOnlineToolbox hard work in education to me and their tons of experiences. Clients have to have feeling that we are the right company for their project, and I have to have the same feeling when I want to give my hard made money to someone else for their service. There was no doubt with MyOnlineToolbox when I spoke first time with them. And because they are the right company, we can present our clients a really top website with a marketing system which actually works.

Vladimir Kolarik
Original Builders, LLC

Before I had very little knowledge of how to obtain new customers and leads through website and social media marketing. On our initial phone call, MyOnlineToolbox educated me on the importance of a well-built website and surrounding topics. Upon agreeing to work together, they took a thorough stock of my present company and circumstance, and proceeded to map out precisely the steps that I needed to take in order to grow a strong online presence. I was guided through the whole process with clear communicational and professionalism, and was always there to answer my call should a question arise. They are very knowledgeable and dedicated, and customer service is five-star. They have set me on a path to success, and the services have been indispensable  I now have a brilliant new company website ( and a clear understanding of how to harness the power of the internet to market my business. I would recommend MyOnlineToolbox to any contractor looking for ways generate more leads and grow their business.

Shane Browning
Russell Mill Remodeling

The Basic & Advanced classes from MyOnlineToolbox were excellent. Both classes were divided into bite-sized segments. Each segment was straight to the point, titled well, and just the right length. This made it very easy to understand the main points and review them without having to hunt for information. Whether you’re developing your own website or hiring someone to do it for you, the classes will be a huge benefit. You can implement the suggestions yourself if you’re doing your own website, or if working with a website developer, you’ll be able to clearly communicate what you need from them. You’ll “speak their language” and be able to give them specifics regarding how your website should be optimized so that your company will rank higher in searches. I live in a large metro area where there is a lot of competition.  Prior to the classes, I had developed my own website ( and was typically on page 5-10 for local search results.  After beginning to implement some of the class suggestions, I now show up on page 1 consistently!  In fact, I’m also starting to appear in Google’s “Local 3-pack” – the short list of top search results that show immediately after the paid advertising.  That’s pretty exciting, considering I’ve only begun to apply what I learned. In short, I highly recommend both the Basic and the Advanced classes from MyOnlineToolbox. Not only are they loaded with practical, useful content, but they are also extremely well organized so that your time isn’t wasted. My search results are already improving, and I’m excited to see them get even better as I implement more of the suggestions.

Steve Van Kirk
Simply Renewed Spaces

When I first met MyOnlineToolbox, they had been working with some clients of mine.  They had been very happy with their results.  When I asked Brian if he could work with me, he said yes but wanted to see my existing website to get a better idea of what kind of work I did.  He called me back after his website review and he let me know that he was confused about the programs and services that I offered and that my website didn’t accurately describe what I did for my clients. When we began to work together, he did what no other marketing person has ever done.  We spent several hours talking, reviewing my program and service offerings so that he could assist me in a more concise description of what I did for my contractor clients. He took the time to understand what I did and then re-wrote his understanding of my services from an independent 3rd party perspective.  It was an invaluable and outstanding service.  My revised and updated website ( has exceeded my expectations!  I owe this to Brian and the time he spent with me as a client.  I would highly recommend working with MyOnlineToolbox.

David Lupberger
Remodel Force
Boulder, Colorado

I knew very little about marketing and building a website. Facebook was all I knew because it was free and relatively easy to use. When I was put in contact with MyOnlineToolbox, they guided me through an aspect of business that I had no clue what I was getting into. Fortunately, with their experience in working with folks like me, I was able to break everything down into bite size pieces and build the content for a unique website ( to not only outperform my competition but also have a very professional image that surpasses most other contractors in my area. When I started this small business in a dirt floor garage, I dreamed of having a “real about my company” website. It’s an amazing feeling to have that dream materialize from the ethers. We are already seeing results and I know it will only improve over time.

Chris Gustafson
Vintage Window Restoration, LLC

Our company had just launched our first website ( and we didn’t know much about online marketing. We reached out to MyOnlineToolbox and found the classes and people to be an invaluable resource. The online classes provided lots of easy to understand and practical SEO information. We still have a web company that does our SEO, but now we know how to direct them to do it the right way for our type of contracting business. I’d recommend the classes to anyone who’s intimidated by the word of contractor SEO and wants to learn the basics.

Robin Fredrickson
Pilot Electric Services, Ltd.
Naramata, British Columbia, Canada

I began my construction career sweeping slabs. Over the years, I worked my way up to an executive position in a large commercial contracting firm, and now I have my own small custom home building company. Coming from the ground up, I know how to build, and I know the business of building. But I discovered that I don’t know marketing. Sure, we all know that we need a website, and maybe something on social media. But to do that in a targeted and coordinated manner takes an in-depth understanding of how to project an effective online presence, which I didn’t have. My first step into the digital world resulted in a pretty website, and although it looked great and touted my accomplishments with examples of my work, I rarely got a lead from it. On my path of discovery, I was introduced to MyOnlineToolbox via blogs, newsletters, and then finally my business coach suggested it. I’m always cautious with change as sometimes it becomes change just for the sake of a new frypan, but you’re really still in the same fire. After reading their work and then talking to them, I was convinced MyOnlineToolbox could benefit me and my company. So, I took a couple of the online classes. I found them very helpful, easy to understand, and well put together. But I didn’t want to learn a new skillset when I had to focus on day-to-day operations. So I engaged them to develop a cohesive marketing plan for me and with their assistance, we implemented the plan. From that day, my online presence has been focused and has brought new leads…beginning with a new lead on launch day of the new website! It’s a journey, but I feel confident that I have the right direction to get to my destination. Our new website at is just one of the ways my firm has benefited. Having access to MyOnlineToolbox’s good counsel, is like having a CMO at my side.  They have become a trusted agent for me and a key part of my future success.

Roger Thomas
Choice Builders Group

I was introduced to MyOnlineToolbox late last year. I have been in business for a good time and just didn’t put much effort into marketing and websites. I took the online classes and also had them create a marketing plan before creating my new website It really was not that hard except there were just a lot of little things they helped me organize that I can understand. Many small things helped it come together for me. I am not a tech guy but am learning and like my new image. My biggest suggestion to anyone new would  be to learn a little so you can feel excited to support your website company’s efforts.

Chris Riggins
Chris Riggins Construction

Fyi, whatever you and your team did, the website is working great.  I think we’re up to 9 or 10 leads since it went live (got 2 more in the last two days).  It seems to be very consistent so far. I really appreciate what you have done for me and my company.

Pat Dion
Quality Renovations & Home Services

Thank you very much for all your help with getting this marketing plan and website going. I’m very happy with it!  I’m hoping for a lot of leads as a result!  Our website is and it definitely improved our brand image.

Pinnacle Homes, Inc.

Being a specialty contractor, it was difficult to find a clear path toward getting a website up and running that would actually work at enhancing my image while looking at generating leads too. Going through the process with MyOnlineToolbox has been exactly what was needed in navigating the pitfalls of understanding marketing and SEO. Having spent a number of years in the IT industry made me painfully aware that it would take a company that specializes every day dealing with competitive topics in addition to SEO, Google rankings, etc., to steer me through the process of creating my new website Thanks.

Michael C
Guild Tile
Rhode Island
When I first started looking for marketing assistance to get our company to the next level I was frustrated like a lot of business owners I know, especially contractors. I had recently invested over $4000 into a website which was nice to look at but did nothing for the company in regards to lead generation. This was even after I specifically asked the website company I was using if the site would be prepped for SEO once we were done. Thankfully I was redirected by my mentor to MyOnlineToolbox. What I appreciated about their approach right from the start was how easy it was to get started. If I wanted to invest the time and energy into learning the process for myself, then I could simply keep my investment towards the video classes offered. However, once I spoke with them about their process, I quickly realized the talents were exactly what I was needing to accomplish our company goals in marketing. They make the online marketing world make sense and work tirelessly to ensure the final product such as my site is one that will produce a result as opposed to just looking pretty. I highly recommend MyOnlineToolbox and his team to anyone considering investing online marketing dollars. You won’t be disappointed.
Angel O.
Zitro Construction Services

The class has really helped me to get a better idea of what to look for as I work to manage my reputation and marketing online. I have worked with several lead generation sites and marketing companies in the past, and always under the realization that I didn’t have the understanding of website marketing to even be able to judge whether I was getting what I had paid for. At present I am looking forward to learning more about how to manage my website ( content myself, but I think the class would be useful even for someone planning to contract that out.

Update #1: I took the classes and learned enough to realize that I simply couldn’t update my site on my own. It’s not that I couldn’t eventually learn the details, I was just getting too busy with regular jobs. So I decided to take the advance class too and even get my first marketing plan in order to create a brand new website with a company working in conjunction with MyOnlineToolbox. My new site is cosmetically great and my rankings were non-existent compared to my competitors. Now I am in a solid 6th or 7th place against all my established competitors. I am focused on more content, connecting my Facebook and possibly getting started with video too. At a minimum I can guide existing prospects to a website that I am proud to have represent my business, and soon look forward to generating leads too. Without the education I may not have understood the support an owner needs to provide with content to move up the rankings.

Pine Hill Construction & Remodeling
Decatur, GA

I never had a website until now and just launched my first website which is awesome if I do say so myself.   I have been looking into websites for about 3 years now and needless to say I did a lot of searching.   Was actually following MyOnlineToolbox for over 2 years being on my radar.   I have learned a lot about keeping existing clients and attracting new with the marketing strategy is key.   Our company has been in business for 30 years plus and this means a lot.   Learning from the classes and working with the moderator as part of their consulting engagement has been great.  I highly recommend both.  So take the class and let him take you to the next level.  You’ll be glad you did!

Matthews, NC

Let me just start off by saying WOW!  We are a remodeling contractor in Upstate New York who was referred to MyOnlineToolbox from another industry consultant.  Our contact said the toolbox was the best so I reluctantly called but I’m glad I did.  The classes are very informative.  We have since rebuilt our website with another resource referred by MyOnlineToolbox.  The website looks amazing and we are working with the MyOnlineToolbox Diamond Marketing relationship as the driver for strategy.  We are already seeing increases in our google rankings with our SEO topics.  Thank you and I look forward to continuing to work together.

Razzano Homes & Remodelers
Albany, NY

I always heard about SEO and thought it was a tech term only the website builder techies understood.  Well now I know better and thanks to the classes I was able to get an in depth education on SEO and all the ins and outs of whats relevant and useful and whats not for my site I now have the knowledge to do my own SEO and also perhaps work better with anyone else I may hire to assist to do this. Cant wait for it to start kicking in the search engines.

Regency Construction
Norwalk, CT

The information provided in this class is amazing. It is so refreshing and exciting to be able to understand more and more about the complex subject of website design and SEO. What an opportunity to be able to manage my site with the help of this MyOnlineToolbox educational series. I am definitely going to review the class again and suggest you save the files (especially the Review All in less than 20 Minute Video). Update #1: Working with MyOnlineToolbox is a must! The only other option is believing that you won’t ever understand the complexity of SEO and that “free home improvement networks” will always have the upper hand. Thankfully with the help of the classes the reality is I hold the keys to the success of our website. New leads come in frequently with many seeing our website first. A recent favorite is a local family – we’re on our third project with them.

vanderBeken Remodel & Repair

So I finished the program less than a month ago and I have already booked my first job from that came directly from my website.  I have had my site; up for over 5 years and got no leads, minimal traffic and In just a month I am booking work!  The program was EXTREMELY simple to implement, a hour or two a day for about a week and a half was all it took.  The suggestions helped a ton.  I am the number one ranked  website for all of my keywords in just one month… in case you didn’t get that… I went from non existent from a search engine point of view to NUMBER ONE, in a MONTH!!!!  Thanks!!

Meridian Design Construction, Inc.

Starting to build your online presence for your business can be difficult. The help from the class has made it easy to understand and implement SEO ideas for our site. Now, has begun to bring in more local traffic and potential customers than ever before.

Koala Residential
Fairfield, CT

I certainly owe a big thank you for helping me start to better understand the world of “web.”   Originally I sought advice in regards to an issue I was having with a Lead Generation company using my information.  In very short order I was offered solutions to my struggles.  I have a past customer who has not only become a close friend but has also helped build my website.   I have been able to immediately identify many issues with the site that could be improved.   Having completed the basic class I was able to direct my concerns with my website to me friend/web guy who has now jumped into researching and solving many of the issues.   Without the guidance I (and my website would have continued to flounder in web obscurity.

Ken Jones Design & Remodeling
Fairport, NY

I’ve read books and heard all about those things discussed in the course but I was never able to fully comprehend it was laid out in simple man terms. Good stuff. Can’t wait to go through my site and look at all the things mentioned. For example, a very important item is the Home Page Title Tag, like the cover of a book.  I have a handful of mistakes that I just could understand until now.  I’ll get a stack more google love when I make some changes.  If you sign up for the class, tell them you heard about the class from your mate in Australia.  They also do a good job having you understand all those issues you seem to complain about with Lead Generation companies too. Update #1: After a little over a month we got the following communication, “I may be imagining this as it’s early days still but I’m starting to notice an increase in calls directly from the website.” Update #2:  And some time later we got the following communication, “Its been about nine months and honestly the calls I get from my website is just unbelievable. I’m just constantly flat out with work and keep getting calls all the time. I get so many leads and convert them to jobs I’ve now started to get a few contractors to help me out with jobs.” Bernie, Contr

Abardeen Roof Slating
Melbourne Australia

Before I took the MyOnlineToolbox Website SEO class, I couldn’t tell you the difference between a title tag, a meta description and an anchor text. This class gives those of us who aren’t exactly internet savvy a step-by-step path to get our website ranked higher by the search engines. It is an incredible amount of knowledge and boiled down to a few quick and easy exercises. Brilliant!  I help contractors improve their sales process at and this class helps supplement the process of getting quality leads to then convert them into quality closed sales.

Contractor Profit Zone
New Jersey

Working with this was a game changer to our company. By learning marketing and how to optimize our website,, we have seen a major improvement in the amount of traffic we receive.  They are great to work with and really care about the progress we were making. I was able to learn a lot about search engine optimization and it is something I will always be able to use. This was such a great experience!  Thanks again.

Top Down Renovations

As a general contractor in a new service area, we needed to optimize our website and start appearing in search results for our current region. The classes laid out information very clearly, breaking every SEO concept down into manageable steps for our website We are excited to see how implementing these changes will affect our lead generation

Houseplay Renovations
New Jersey

I want to thank you for the SEO information to help me with my site I found your tutorials very informative. It has certainly helped shorten the learning curve. Your direct no nonsense approach is why I will be using your services in the future. You have guided me in the right direction

Fisher Glass Services

I’ve started to clean up my site You really don’t know what you don’t know until someone else cracks the door for you. Thanks! Update #1: After having a website for more than 5 years I have received two leads less then 60 days after starting your basic course. Thank you again for all the help.

Soap Stone Homes

The class was an eye opening introduction to what SEO is and how the search engines work. I appreciated the simple language and the reassurance that I could understand how this stuff works. I now have a basic understanding of SEO and the ability to communicate my needs with my developer. Thanks for your clarity and for the great value you provide for the price so can start generating quality leads! Update #1: We are about to update our website with a responsive design.  Our only concern is having all the time to answer the calls.  As it is, it’s hard to keep up.  We are swamped with calls.

Castile Construction
Eugene, Oregon

I took the class after my husband did who is busy in the field and we both wanted to understand this topic. We have a great website programmer who is really good at the graphics, but didn’t really understand the website marketing for our site  We also decided that it was good for us as well as our programmer to take the class so we can all be versed on how this whole thing works. Now we are updating all our pages, adding service locations and even video with a focus on marketing for in bound leads.

Castile Construction
Eugene, Oregon

As a website designer with my company, my job can focus on many different aspects – SEO included. To break down search engine optimization into a simple and workable concept for a client is no easy accomplishment.  The MyOnlineToolbox educational classes succeed not only with explaining the concepts but putting it into action and receiving results. Putting the time and resources into a SEO marketing plan will benefit a business more than any cold calling or business card.  Working with my clients at after we have finished the classes have given us a goal and with it the tools to achieve it.

Pixel Sky Design
San Diego, CA

My website was just getting some traction and then became slow when I was forced to stop working on it.   Thank god I am now healthy and completely back in business and now this website stuff too.  But I honestly forgot almost everything I knew so I decided to take a class as a refresher since I just couldn’t recall everything.

Al Reed Builders
Oconto Falls, WI

I just finished taking the basic SEO class from myonlinetoolbox.  After a few years of multiple attempts with other web site companies and online marketing companies, I have found the right answer.  The class was extremely informative and a huge help.  As a small general contractor I delegated the work of my web site to others in good faith it was being set up and done right.  Due to the lack of success or leads generated from the web site, I was forced to dig deeper into why it was not working and found the answers when we reached out to MyOnlineToolBox.  We are currently working on some changes suggested and look forward to finally getting a web site that actually works and not just used as an electronic picture book.  Thank you for looking out for the little guy in construction.  I look forward to taking the advanced course soon.

JAG Construction Corp

After struggling for a while with my website, I was fortunate to discover MyOnlineToolbox’s wonderful SEO Online Toolbox educational series.  I am now able to do for myself and my company what I once paid third-party providers to do.  I am achieving an independence that is extremely satisfying and have confidence that soon, my ranking for my site will improve and with it, my business.”

Select Caribbean Properties
Dominican Republic

I just finished the Basic SEO class and it was worth every penny!.    I have to tell you it’s a great class for anyone looking to improve their understanding of SEO and how it affects your rankings, and how to improve your website.  The information is well presented, easy to understand and implement.  Even if you don’t manage your own website, it is great information to know so that you can communicate effectively with your web designer, and better yet understand what they’re telling you.   I am looking forward to updating and optimizing my website so that I can capitalize on new leads.

Sheridan Interiors

MyOnlineToolbox is a great class for any realtor looking to help their marketing and online presence. The classes are very informative and very easy to follow. All you need to do is have your website ready to go and follow along with every video and take care of it all as you go along. The videos are short and quick, so it is not a huge time commitment all at one time. You can always come back to them when you have time. It really has done wonders for my website, Wonderful classes and I highly recommend this class.

Realty Executives
Manhattan KS

We have known for a long time that our website can be a powerful lead generator for our company, and that we did not have to pay an outside company to do this if I simply learned how. Unfortunately I had been trying unsuccessfully to raise our rankings for the last few years through my own efforts, and I had come to a standstill when I found the My Online Toolbox SEO class. I have just been through the Basic Course which is explained very well and easy to understand. I now have a much better understanding of what I was doing wrong, what I haven’t done and need to do, and now have the tools and information I need to finally move forward and turn our website  into the lead generating machine it can be. Update #1: Each month the views to the website has been steadily rising. For the month of September, we had over 1100 views to the site, so it’s definitely working! Also, we have picked up a couple of jobs, so in a few weeks when we get paid I will be signing up for Advanced Class.

Dennisbilt Custom Cabinetry

I just watched a handful of the first videos to Understand Search while I begin to update my website  Pretty cool stuff!

Anthony Slabaugh Remodeling

We have had a website for the past 10 years that has been doing nothing, but didn’t know what to do with it to get the best of it and for it to produce leads for us, until I read some posts on contractor forums about myonlinetoolbox so I signed up and I have just finished the Basic Class for website SEO Education and I was amazed of how easy it was to understand.  We have made improvements and changes to our website and with the understanding of the background on how a website works we are ready to do a lot more.   Don’t be afraid of giving yourself a chance to understand what your website is capable of, all you need is a little help.  The moderator is available for additional help if you need it.  They even called me to check in to see if I needed anything and to make sure I was confident in continuing on with running our own website.

Bestwall Plastering
New Jersey

I have spent several years, many hours and several thousands of dollars on hiring SEO companies to optimize my site  Through those years, every ounce of knowledge I gained about SEO was hard earned and a struggle.  After being burned by a previous SEO company  I have become such a skeptic and we have spent so many hours researching and learning so that I could take control into my own hands and not be at their mercy.  Why couldn’t we have found MyOnlineToolbox years ago?  The information that this class offers is very helpful , easy to follow and gives the information that you need to understand the world of SEO without having to spend hour after hour digging and reading blogs, online articles and books.  I am anxious to apply the things I have learned and see how my site will benefit.

Renovation 180

For 4+ years we had our site managed by a 3rd party SEO company.  I recently found this class and it has opened my eyes to all of the things the “professional” was over-looking and not using to our advantage.  This class has helped me take control of our site, and how it should be optimized and perform to attract leads.  Plus, the tactics are explained in a way that is understandable and doable.  Thanks!

Hochuli Design & Remodeling Team

I recently finished the Basic Class for website SEO marketing online course and was quite surprised by how simple it was to follow and take what I learned and implement it on my own website  I like the fact that the whole course is broken into small segments so you can absorb the information without getting overwhelmed.  I found myself going back to my own website after finishing many of the segments to make the changes that I had just learned.  My website was brand new when I started taking the online course and after applying many of the suggestions from the course I have already started getting leads.  The cost of the course will pay for itself after landing just one job so it is well worth the small financial and time commitment.

NW Residential

I just finished taking the Basics Course.  It was very helpful and I am looking forward to moving onto the Advanced Course.  I also would like to give some tips that may help you as you go through the class.  First, print the seven page review before you start and take notes on it. Second, the course is divided into sections.  I learn best when I can apply the information to a real life situation asap.  So after listening to each segment, I went straight to our website to practice since the directions are easy to follow.  By the time I had finished with the basic course, I had already made some nice changes to our website ( and have started to get results.  Third, save all of the self assessment tests and intro texts to review at a later date.  And last, create a To Do Checklist   After completing the course, I used the Class Menu tabs and my notes to create a one page checklist for myself.  It will remind me of all the things I need to do each time I create or revise a website page.  Each step is too important to forget.  Thank you very much !!  I am looking forward to starting the Advanced Class, finalizing my check list and going through our whole website to make improvements.

Daggett Builders

The SEO online classes where very detailed and a great start for a contractor looking to learn the basics of SEO.  The class takes the time to explain concepts for maximum understanding. The ability to go back and listen to a topic helps one to effectively apply key SEO strategies so that your website is found when potential customer search for your type of construction services.  We immediately began to implement many changes on our website Update #1: After 4 weeks we received this communication ” I got my first lead from my website !!!!!!!!! ” Update #2:  We then received this communication  … “The very lead I mentioned converted into a sale just yesterday. So basically I had a dead website for years, spent a little time with the education class to begin to convert it to a marketing site, got a quality lead and now got a quality sale. The profit on this sale will easily pay for the initial class I paid for. So I guess the Return On Investment was worth more than one would expect, except I now get to move on for free on my own.”

Foster Greene Design + Build
Chicago IL

The class is great and we are currently in the process of revising our website with new content and better marketing functionality.

DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen

I just finished your basic class on Contractor Website SEO and I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that I’m blown away.  No wonder I haven’t been getting traffic to my website; !!  I kept reading and hearing from your clients on how the great majority of their business comes from their website and yet, my experience was just the opposite.  I was getting little to no website traffic.  I started with the free contractor website marketing & SEO education you offer and was able to do a lot of things on my own.  Now, after finishing the basic class, I’m taking our SEO to the next level.  It’s very clear and obvious to me how this will drive traffic (leads) to us and get our phone to ring.  I’m chomping at the bit to start the Advanced Class now and can’t wait to see what I can implement to bring in even more customer leads.  Thank you for making this so simple to follow and implement. Update #1: The phone has been ringing and I’m thrilled. Coincidentally, today is the first time that my company came up in the top search results for “remodeling contractor” in Google. I’m #4 !! The last time I checked was last week and until now, I never made it to the first page. This is awesome!! Update #2: I do have a sale from a website lead.  I did a master bathroom remodel in Arlington, Texas (between Dallas and Fort Worth) – the homeowner researched online and my company came up in their search. Update #3:  This client decided to start a new business but due to his learning experience, we decided to keep the testimonial active.  The story has an educational reference and will be added shortly.

Benson Residential Remodel

I like so much the way you teach me to understand how google can work for my website and help to grow my business.  I like the way you introduce the marketing importance to have a good website.

Bridget All Pro Construction
New York

As a result of this class and using the consulting services, I have so much more confidence and competence in marketing my business without the need of a lead generation or marketing company. It feels good to respond to those frequent solicitation calls from these companies that my marketing is in progress with a source that teaches ME how to take it to the next level. These classes are available to me when I’m ready to focus on each aspect of my website, and the extra consulting has been a valuable resource for advice and encouragement. I look forward to future classes!

Home Base Repairs

It is so on point, simple to follow and targeted all at the same time.  I will be implementing the ideas for my site

Star Construction Company

Lots of great info. It’s good to get me inspired again to work on my site

ReCraft Home Remodeling

This online course is both simple and comprehensive. It has provided me with some of the most basic but important aspects of seo to use on my site  By taking the course and a few correspondences I have corrected mistakes that I would have not found otherwise. This course will show you that the majority of seo is not really that complex at all. I would recommend this course to any contractor, and I will continue to use the advance class when it becomes available.

Vivid Painting

The class has a lot of great information. If I had a dime for ever mistake I’ve made that you touched base on throughout each of the tutorials I might be able to make back all the money I’ve lost paying other people to do nothing for my company besides take our money and exploit my family owned business. It was inspiring to watch and imagine how much more successful our website could be just by implementing some of the tools discussed.

Tom's Plumbing

Great information and format.  I can see why it was a lot of work to develop.  The information is presented within easily digestible and understandable sections that build on each one so that when completed, you’ve covered a lot of information without ever being overwhelmed.  Will use it while I work on my site

B L Bennett Construction

Class was enlightening. Initially SEO seems like a convoluted mess of intertwined concepts and actions to be taken. The ‘bite’ sized and element focused approach made it very easy to understand to work on my site  You can view one short video at a time, digest it, stop or move to the next. It is perfect after a hard day at work. Well organized for future reference too.   Great class, looking forward to more advanced ones!

RCI Construction

I really enjoyed this!  I love how fundamental it is.  You really start with the basics.  Being in the website industry myself with, I have a tendency to assume that business owners know too much when it comes to this stuff, but this is really where they need to begin.  I really like that the videos are short and digestible.

Contractor Dynamics
New Jersey

This is very simple information for someone with little or no knowledge of search. Good overview for Title tags, Meta Information, Pictures, Text and Lead Generation.   I plan on rebuilding and about half the class was new or relevant for me.  Good Luck with the program. I am sure it is helping a lot of people.

Curtis Graf Homes

I am a consulting customer of MyOnlineToolbox and also took the new online education class to continue with my site  It had a lot of very useful information. I have taken several other classes but this SEO Basics Education class went into more detail.  So not only was it better, it was a great refresher for me!  Thank you for putting the time and effort into this class. I look forward to more.

A Plus Garage Doors
Charlotte NC

The Contractor Website SEO Education Basic course is easy to use, well-organized, and segmented into very digestible morsels. It does not skip over very rudimentary concepts and terms, and ramps up quickly to very useful information and tips if you have an existing website. The visuals and examples were clear and being able to re-watch specific modules was helpful for us to work on our website http

The Shock Doctors

This class is an informative refresher. I remember learning many topics over a year ago, and over that time, I have forgotten some SEO items such as changing the file name before uploading pictures.   It’s easy to follow and well organized for now my assistant to learn how to update our website

Vanguard Home Designs

The information is basic and explained very well.  I like how more than one site site is used when explaining the concepts, and how they compare websites of established companies vs. small local businesses.  The pages are easy to understand and navigate.  I can appreciate how the videos are organized by topic.  The videos are all short, to the point, and easy to understand, which makes the topic less intimidating and easier to work though.

Vanguard Home Designs

The online SEO class is great! The process is well crafted and easy to understand. As a kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling contractor seeking ways to rank higher on search engines like Google, the class helped me identify areas on my site that could use simple improving. Thank you.

Revolution Fine Kitchens + Baths
North Carolina

My website really needs a lot of marketing help.  I want to thank you for such valuable information that was organized well for me to understand.  Not only do I understand what is missing from my website just for my company, but now I can also look at lead generation web pages and my competition so that I can position myself to compete better.  I also am impressed the way how seriously you take the business.

Prime Home Construction
Your guidance has paid off for us in spades for our website
Home Run Solutions

I just started my handyman business in October 2013 and working with MyOnlineToolbox and Brian as my SEO educator to increase traffic to my website The following month I started using MyOnlineToolbox and Brian for my SEO assistance.  Brian is very personable and caring in guiding me with my website to make a real presence on the web.  He helps me with my content to optimize my website to generate leads. After a very short time I have seen great improvement on the traffic to my website. I highly recommend MyOnLineToolbox and Brian.  He is a pleasure to work with and looking forward to working with him for a very long time. Thanks Brian!

Update Q3 2014: We checked in on Gerry and he added this comment “My website has generated many leads this year, more than I could do myself. Your SEO service has really helped getting my business off the ground utilizing my website as my only source of advertising.”

EZ Pay Veterans Handyman
New York

Working with Brian on my site is such a pleasure, with his SEO guidance we are starting to see real leads that can be traced back to our local web presence. Best of all these leads are hot, customers ready to commit to a project instead of a flood of tire kickers that we got from the “other” sites. The way Brian lays out the steps makes it real easy to follow, not just a giant wall of text that will bore you. Thanks Brian!


I became familiar with Brian when I tuned into his webinar through Construction Programs & Results (Markup and Profit). I already had my website (, but I wasn’t refreshing it, and certainly didn’t know much about SEO. I knew utilizing Google or hiring a marketing firm didn’t fit my best interest or budget, so working with Brian at my pace on needs specific to our business, was the best of both worlds. I love the education I’m receiving and step-by-step instructions he emails to me. Our business has significantly moved up in the search engines, and we are receiving more calls from those looking for our services online. After all I’ve learned in marketing classes and webinars, I am more confident to implement the techniques consistently, and measure their results. Thanks, Brian!

Home Base Repairs

I have been working with MyOnlineToolbox on my website’s ( SEO for the last few months and just checked the results. I was blown away. I was on the first page for almost all the locations we have been focusing on and was even number one in a few. If you are not getting the results you would like from your site, try working with them. The advice is clear and concise and I have found working on my site to be fun and compelling. And the results will speak for themselves.

Stewart Construction Company

I am moving up in Google with my site I did get the phone to ring and closed the job. Not a big score, but that’s where they found me.

Village Building & Restoration

In such a short time I had certain marketing phrases make it to the first page! And others make it to the second or third for my Iowa contracting business   I don’t know how much traction it will have over time but the site’s been live for close to two years with out any SEO work.

Addition Doctors
You should know we got our very first web lead (to from a city I have just worked on as you showed me.  He searched Marietta roofing contractor and we came up.  I went out and sold the $6000 job!  Thanks for your help in getting found.
Grace Roofing & Exteriors

Working with Brian and MyOnlineToolbox has been easy and painless initiating Search Engine Optimizations for our Rowlett Texas Remodeling Company found at . The methodology allows me to learn, piece by piece, the nuts and bolts of the SEO process peppered with bits of marketing information. Most assignments have taken less than hour unless greater modifications are made to the pages getting optimized. It has been a positive learning path through what seemed to be a futile use of my time. If a contractor with a website is unsure of how to or what they are doing is right, I would highly recommend looking into MyOnlineToolbox for SEO.

RCI Construction
I’m completely new to SEO and just started working with Brian of MyOnlineToolbox. I run a California based paving company and in a short time have really improved the ranking of my paving website in Google. It’s a lot of fun and not that hard. I’m looking forward to going higher with our ranking in the future with Brian’s guidance.
Phillips Speciality Paving

After two years of working with a substandard SEO we didn’t get any solid leads (yep not a one!!!) and after working with you (even with just the little surface I have scratched) we have already seen solid, revenue making leads come in to my Washington based Repair & Remodeling Contracting Company found at  I know that this is just the pin sized tip of a huge iceberg.  Yay!!

vanderBeken Remodel & Repair

I just have to tell you it feels so good that there is someone still out that is as passionate about what he/she does as I am about what I do.  It makes the whole experience fun to work on my website  I finally have someone I can work with for expanding my marketing for our Wisconsin based Home Remodeling & General Contracting company.

Al Reed Builders

Just wanted to drop you a quick note. Out of curiosity I decided to do a quick Google search for (various key words we are positioning for). Boy was I surprised when the search results show up – we were listed #2 and #3 for Kitchens and #3 and #4 for Bathrooms. I am absolutely amazed at how quickly we are seeing results for our Washington based remodeling company  When I did the search I was hoping we might rank somewhere on the 2nd page, I never expected to see such results in the little amount of time we have been working together. Just wanted to say Thank You and can’t wait to see what is still to come.  Also, we did get our first lead via Google while someone was searching for Mill Creek Bathroom Renovations. UPDATE: This customer also has a Contractor Website Development Design Case Study

Home Run Solutions

I just wanted to share with you that in the past couple of weeks I have gotten three leads from my Browns Mills NJ remodeling company through our website What amazes me the most is that I paid an SEO expert $700 a month for a period of 6 months or more and I only got about 1 maybe 2 leads.  I must say I like where this is headed.

Elite Renovators
New Jersey
My website has been up for years, but just drifting.  Now I am learning to navigate the murky waters of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
Marshall's Arts

I originally thought SEO is a “magical black box” unavailable to the common business owner and only to computer nerds.  I also felt it takes special skills or knowledge to implement for our Property Management Company based in Seattle Washington (  Now I feel I cannot not only take control of my own SEO, but I can do so for the long haul without being tied to a subscription or long-term contract.  Updated: The good news is this month alone 50% of our new business came from organic leads!

Full Service Property Management
Things have improved since we started this [contractor website education] project.  For the second week in a row I have gotten a lead from my website. The lead from last week is for a major basement job.  I have started the design process so we will see where it goes.  The one today is a request for a pre-purchase inspection.  These are my kind of jobs.  The real issue here is that I haven’t had web leads to my site like this since 2006.
Signature Spaces
I can tell you that I have received 10 times more leads from seo then I ever have [from ratings reviews sites].  My site is  And I didn’t have to sell my company info, unknowingly [to a ratings reviews site], or my sole! Your advice has helped tremendously.
Ryzach Construction
Check out my new website I’m always open for some honest criticism, however; bear in mind that I JUST got my web address a few months ago (Nov 2012) and knew ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about websites or Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I know it still leaves a lot to be desired, but I’m quite impressed with the results I’ve been able to accomplish in such a short time frame. A lot of contractors (such as myself) tend to shy away from things of this nature, and often resort to hiring others to take care of it for them . . . but I was convinced I could learn and do it on my own . . . and I’m here to tell you all, YES it is possible! I just couldn’t see spending money every month on something I didn’t fully understand the operations of, and felt it best to learn so I can save money and also enjoy watching my website begin to work. I am using the learning service provided by MyOnlineToolbox. They basically are walking me through the process step by step where I learn, make changes (some easy and some harder), then send them a request to review my work, and make the next suggestions. I’ll take any comments or suggestions about my website, just remember it has been less than a few months and I am proud of what I’ve done so far . . . ” I’VE ” being the key word! Not sure if anyone else could benefit from a little hand holding (as I have), but check the toolbox service out if you like what I have already done on my own.
MCG Closets & Cabinets
I knew NOTHING about this web page stuff just a few months ago and now I am on my way to understanding how to optimize for my services and locations. I admit my site is far from complete but I work on it a little almost every night. I just can’t afford an expert, and I also do not want to feel like I do not understand one of the most important online ways to generate leads. Maybe I will hire someone one day, but I like the fact that I am doing things my self. I also started working with Brian of MyOnlineToolbox to learn. I like the guidance that he gives on WHAT to do and WHY am I doing it. He is guiding me on how I can passively enhance my site as time allows with a full understanding. It costs me just a little money to learn, and I really do not know what someone else would charge me to do this. I do know it would be a lot more than what I have spent already but without the benefit of understanding. I can have a much more intelligent conversation about the whole topic without feeling lost.”
KP Carpentry
MyOnlineToolbox is interested in helping contractors learn to control their own websites vs paying for lead generation companies. With their help I am in the process of redesigning my website and optimizing it myself. I am putting in a fair amount of time in the beginning of the process but I am also learning a lot that I did not know before. I am convinced that Brian will soon be too busy to take on new clients at the current price considering the amount of person time by email and by phone that he has put in to helping my company’s website. I would be more than happy to discuss my experience and I would say if you are at all interested he is a great resource. I spoke to Brian for about 20 minutes on the phone before I joined and I know I have received way more than my investment in consulting. Before starting this process I would get about 1 contact submission from my website about every 2-3 months. I’m now receiving anywhere from 2-5 per week now so thank you.
C&K Custom Remodeling
I can not speak for all contractors; however, I can speak for myself. I am part of the newer generation of contractors and I am very interested in knowing SEO and controlling my own site (especially with all of these weekly calls from SEO companies). With the tight credit market, newer contractors may not have the resources to waste money on money grabbing SEO companies. However, we do have the ability to perform SEO items ourselves with a little guidance. Just check out my site, while it may not be the prettiest website, it definitely is generating more leads based on the SEO I have learned working with Brian Javeline. To be clear, Brian or MyOnlineToolbox is not doing the work. I am doing all the work after just being guided in the right direction. While I may not be an expert, I am learning what I need in order to get leads and that is all I care about. Also, I feel good knowing that I can randomly enhance my site at anytime without relying on anyone else.
Vanguard Home Designs

MyOnlineToolbox has been an integral part of the training and education for our team so that we may further our knowledge and skills in marketing for our business. When we came to MyOnlineToolbox we were in desperate need of bringing our business into this century, and becoming a prominent presence on the web.

When we started working with MyOnlineToolbox we could tell just from that first phone call that we would be in good hands. In speaking with them, we were in awe of all their knowledge. They took time to explain things, and made sure that it all made sense to us, so that we weren’t lost as we moved onto the next learning stage.

What we loved about working with MyOnlineToolbox is that we were actually taught the skills, made a part of the process, and that we could learn and use these skills in the future; it was not just being done for us. In a year’s time we learned so very much, some of which I never would have expected. As we were building our new remodeling website  MyOnlineToolbox showed us the importance of organizing our pictures, labeling them correctly, having a social media presence, and following up for those reviews, because it all really does matter!

Since releasing our new website and gaining a more prominent online presence, our business has been busier than ever. I cannot thank MyOnlineToolbox enough for teaching us their unique skillset in order to make our company complete in our web presence. We believe in our heart of hearts that MyOnlineToolbox spirit and professionalism for teaching, educating others and implementing the plan is immeasurable.

Michael & Nicole Sterling
Sterling Builders
Reno, Nevada