Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide contractors a way to grow their business by getting more quality leads, with limited marketing education and an emphasis on online opportunities surrounding their website.  We desire to be the most cost effective option to either create a website on your own or work much more effectively with a website development company.

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Company History

ServusXchange, LLC. is a U.S. corporation founded in 2005 and based in Pompano Beach, Florida. The Company was co-founded by Mr. Brian Javeline, MyOnlineToolbox’s President.  Brian along with other industry veterans including Philip Tonks of PMI Remodeling Repairs started ServusXchange, LLC., originated as a spin-off operation of Accelerated Computer Technologies, Inc. (ACT), a U.S. corporation also based in Florida and founded in 1986.

ACT was a software developer that specialized in server and Internet-based solutions. In 2003, ACT spun its Investment Café operations, an Internet-based solution specializing in private equity, into a separate business entity. ACT began startup operations of ServusXchange in March 2005, similarly to how it successfully formed Investment Café.

Mr. Javeline leveraged his ownership in ACT to provide the infrastructure requirements. Mr. Tonks leveraged his ownership in a remodeling company to begin creating a beta testing community for an online business application.

The software side of the business was doing quite well when Brian began to passively offer guidance to help contractors to create their first website or generate more leads to their existing website.  In a short time he had well over 100 consulting clients without any advertising.  It was then the company realized there was an opportunity and demand for marketing education for contractors.  So before getting to 200 consulting clients, Brian had a vision to create an online series for marketing and website SEO Education that methodically walks contactors through the process of learning how they can begin to master online marketing for image building and lead generation.  After a half year in the market, the customers demanded more so we then enhanced the product to be a Basic and Advanced Series.

Then the company went through another transition to offer, on a limited basis, Marketing Planning to give contractors a true strategy in where they want to go with their business.

All products and services are branded under MyOnlineToolbox.