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Too many companies create a website only to be disappointed with lead generation results.

Many times it is not the programmers fault since many times they are they are really more versed at keyword analysis and webpage tech terms as opposed to marketing strategy.

Many times it is not the owners neither since they were inadvertently not really clear on the objectives of the business, and there lies the challenge.

Time and money are also a factor, and many times people shoot for short term results without realizing they should target just a little more investment for ongoing success.

First glance at some of these Testimonials before we ensure you have some ideas about a budget, which ranges from Free, to a few hundred dollars to under $900 for both Basic Education & Advanced Education classes, to $1,650 to $2,475 for a Marketing Plan.

And separately we can guide you to starter websites that can cost $500 to advanced sites that cost an estimated $7,500 in your first year. And there is a big difference with websites and marketing for leads with many ongoing factors. The important part is to know the difference since this is the foundation for your long term success.


We are already seeing increases in our Google rankings with our SEO topics.

Razzano Homes & Remodelers
Albany, NY

This class is an informative refresher.

Vanguard Home Designs

I have learned a lot about keeping existing clients and attracting new with the marketing strategy is key.

Matthews, NC

The class has really helped me to get a better idea of what to look for as I work to manage my reputation and marketing online.

Pine Hill Construction & Remodeling
Decatur, GA

Just reviewing a customer testimonial many times is not enough. Yes, we have more testimonials than we can present on these website pages, and we encourage you to read as many as possible in order to convince all contractors that they too can learn and position themselves for success. But many times it is great to see relevant case studies so you can position yourself to the success achieved by your peers.

Real Results For Real Businesses

Case Studies

Some people are just looking for some random Free advice and we have a lot of that. Then some others are looking to learn the basics in order to begin to create a new site or convert their existing site to be more lead generation focused. You can do so for a few hundred dollars. Some others already have a basic start and are looking to turn it up a notch for advanced marketing concepts for just under five hundred dollars. And then there are those who are ready for a full blown marketing effort to transform their company for many years out with full positioning against the competition. MyOnlineToolbox has the answer to fit your needs and budget.

Pricing To Grow Your Business

Select To Suit Your Needs


FreeSpecific ideas about many marketing and website topics.
Get excited learning some topics before making the commitment to purchasing the classes.


$379Learn introductory marketing and website terminology & strategy to generate leads.
Perfect for individuals and website developers who need to understand industry specific marketing trends.


$479Take your marketing and website goals to the next level.
Testimonials, Video, Linking for Credibility, Facebook for Social Sharing & Pay Per Click strategy.
More Leads become Quality Leads.

Diamond Marketing Planning

CustomThe ultimate in having a real marketing plan before you even think about the website and other online initiatives.
Look great while differentiating from the competition.
Get a plan lasting many years to grow with ideal customers.