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Marketing Process

MyOnlineToolbox has been successful at helping educate and strategize with marketing. Whether starting a business from the ground up, or looking to expanding your company, we can help you grow.
We offer a path for any company of any size and budget to market themselves for more quality leads.  We work with owners, staff, and even programmers to ensure technology & marketing topics are focused on getting better customers to make more profits.


Sales & Marketing

To be successful in marketing you first need to realize there is a difference between Marketing & Sales. And most tradesman are far better at Sales than they are at Marketing.

Sales is the goal to persuade a prospect to purchase your service. Marketing is the goal to identify customer needs, create services to meet those needs, then promote and advertise to generate leads.  These leads then filter to the selling cycle.

So before continuing, just agree there is a difference since you need to spiritually separate the topics as independent business issues and you will be well on your way towards marketing success.


Too many companies create a website only to be disappointed with lead generation results.

Many times it is not the programmers fault since programmers are generally more versed at keyword analysis and webpage tech terms as opposed to marketing strategy.

Many times it is not the owners fault neither since they were inadvertently not really clear on the objectives of the business, and there lies the challenge.

Time and money are also a factor, and many times people shoot for short term results without realizing they should target just a little more investment for on-going success.


It takes just a little time to learn what it takes to have a website found by search engines.

And even if you are working with your own programmer or outside firm, it is still very advantageous to understand the basics. The reason is you then can accumulate content (testimonials, pictures, video and more) to support the technical side without necessarily needing to understand the details.

This is one topic that is not going away anytime soon, and a little knowledge will allow you to position to be so far ahead of your competition, and programmers will enjoy working with you even more too!

How Do I Learn

There are a few options depending on the size of your business and available finances too. Another consideration is whether you are just looking to address one individual issue, or jump start your existing website, or possibly create a brand new website with a clear intent to dominate your local market while seriously positioning against the local competition.

Regardless of size and finances, MyOnlineToolbox has options to help you get your marketing moving forward.


Marketing objectives should include the need to get good leads while ensuring you project a good image for people to want to contact you.

Think about the leads coming next week, but POSITION for the leads next month, next quarter and next year. It comes so fast, and that is your secret to success, realizing to position for tomorrow.

We want you to not become dormant with marketing until things slow down, a common mistake. A little education and planning allows you to passively maintain your marketing so the quality lead generation opportunities stay consistent through many business and seasonal cycles. It is the best way to grow your business and be ahead of the competition for a long period of time.


Pricing To Grow Your Business

Select To Suit Your Needs


FreeSpecific ideas about many marketing and website topics.
Get excited learning some topics before making the commitment to purchasing the classes.


$379Learn introductory marketing and website terminology & strategy to generate leads.
Perfect for individuals and website developers who need to understand industry specific marketing trends.


$479Take your marketing and website goals to the next level.
Testimonials, Video, Linking for Credibility, Facebook for Social Sharing & Pay Per Click strategy.
More Leads become Quality Leads.

Diamond Marketing Planning

CustomThe ultimate in having a real marketing plan before you even think about the website and other online initiatives.
Look great while differentiating from the competition.
Get a plan lasting many years to grow with ideal customers.

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Testimonials from our happy clients
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Real Results For Real Businesses
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