ServusXchange, LLC is the creator of and is owned by the co-founders, industry veterans, employees & sophisticated accredited investors.

We are open minded for synergistic financial and operational relationships. Please contact us if you wish to consider joining our team or have other business development opportunities to discuss.

Please visit the Executives link (subject to change without notice) for more information on our team.

  • In 2008 DELL awarded MyOnlineToolbox a TOP 10 INNOVATOR.
  • In 2009 FORBES awarded ServusXchange one of AMERICA’S MOST PROMISING BUSINESSES.
  • In 2010 Entrepreneur Magazine featured us as an ONLINE VENTURE UPDATING AN OLD INDUSTRY.

ServusXchange, LLC. is a privately held company, therefore our stock does not trade on any stock exchange and is not available to the general public. As a private company, ServusXchange, LLC. does not file annual reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission and does not make its financial statements or other confidential information publicly available.

Before calling, you may be interested in learning a little about

Our philosophy for the value of partnership can be found via a story we published at Fast Company discussing how a group of people can work together to build a valuable business.

The above statements are not a general solicitation to sell the stock of ServusXchange, LLC.