You contacted a website company to create a new lead generating source for your business. Then they guided you here. Why?

MyOnlineToolbox makes you become a better customer for a website company.

Many times people approach a website company thinking they can easily create leads simply by you writing a check. Other times you may have unrealistic costs in mind.  Other times you may have unrealistic expectations towards the lead generation results.

Then there are times when the website company is sensing you are a not a great fit and feels comfortable simply passing you on to another alternative. There are many reasons why you may not be a great fit.  .

The website company wants you to have a better understanding of  various topics that eventually help them generate more leads for you.

You see, a website company can create a site with little input from their customer.  They can make a nicer site when they get good input from their customer. And they can create an even better marketing opportunity when the customer provides good content in a strategic manner allowing the website company to really shine.

The results of you providing good content are better achieved when you are motivated. People tend to be more motivated when they understand the reasons why they are being asked of something. That is where MyOnlineToolbox helps.

Every contractor’s website should be a lead generation machine.

Unfortunately too many contractor websites are more promotional than one that helps them get more quality leads. Many times this is not the fault of the website company, since it started with unrealistic expectations from the customer before the website company got started. The website company honestly wants to do a good job, but sometimes explaining the cold hard facts will be viewed as a sales pitch of some sort.

MyOnlineToolbox wants to help you be more successful with your relationship with your website company, via a combination of either Education and/or Strategy. We do not replace a website company, but rather we supplement their efforts.

MyOnlineToolbox offers multiple inexpensive options to help a contractor learn Basic and Advanced concepts of marketing a contractor website with a focus on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). There are hundreds of SEO topics one can talk about, but the reality is, a contractor only needs to embrace a few dozen concepts to generate leads. And that is what it is all about – generating Free Quality Leads to your own contractor website over an extended period of time. Having this industry targeted education will make it so more advantageous working with your website company. It’s a win-win for you and them.

And for those looking to turn it up a notch, MyOnlineToolbox offers Diamond Marketing Planning (under certain circumstances) to help you methodically structure your content and hand it to your website company on a silver platter. It adds a little extra time and costs to final website development, but the results are absolutely much better when your website company can focus on being just that – your website developer. This is even a bigger win-win for you and them.

Feel free to Contact Us before making any commitments and we will steer you in the right direction, and you will be in a much better direction for any website company, including working better with the people who referred you to us.