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MyOnlineToolbox Featured in Remodeling Magazine


April 16, 2013 Pompano Beach, Florida:  ServusXchange’s Contractor Website SEO Education Services referenced in Remodeling Magazine, the contracting industry’s premier magazine.

ServusXchange is best known for it's MyOnlineToolbox platform for contractors consisting of Internet software helping organize a small mobile business & a service helping get more contractor jobs.  

This month, Remodeling Magazine, one of the best known trade magazines and owned by Hanley Wood, has feature articles covering online review sites and whether they are necessary or not.  One story discusses how consumer-driven sites are forcing contractors no choice to play the game.  Another story talks about how reviews boost your website visibility.  And then there is another story titled I Love Angie (Not), for which Brian Javeline, President and Co-founder of ServusXchange, LLC, participates in.

The story is based on contractor’s love-hate relationship with the world’s biggest player.   It begins with “There is a thicket of ethical and practical issues that cause contrac­tors to be wary, frustrated, and angry with Angie’s List”.   Brian is quoted for exposing one of these very important issues that he believes contractors simply do not understand and inadvertently agree to when signing up to many lead generation and Ratings & Review services, not just Angie’s List.  The key closing reference made by Brian pertains to signing Angie’s terms and conditions (as of this date) means that anything you submit (viewed as Content) to its site becomes Angie’s property to use as they see fit. “You’re giving away your business identity. ... Your name, phone number, Web address,” says Brian Javeline, president and co-founder of “Everything about this service is designed to drive traffic to [Angie’s List] first.”

Javeline, commenting on the story said, “We spend a great deal of time teaching contractors how to master their own Do-It-Yourself Contractor Website to generate Free Leads.   There seems to be an intimidation factor preventing contractors from realizing the huge opportunity waiting for them with a little education towards SEO (Search Engine Optimization).   Instead these contractors spend hundreds or thousands of dollars with lead generation companies or Ratings and Review sites who are simply absorbing the local leads the contractor can get themselves with a little effort.   The money isn’t what bothers me the most; it is many Terms and Conditions that can hurt a contractor which they may not understand.”

Javeline further commented, “The principle of a lead generation or Ratings & Review company, especially years ago when contractors where less tech friendly was a good concept.  But now there is absolutely no reason why a contractor cannot get leads, good or bad, directly to their own website.  There is absolutely no reason why a contractor cannot use their own website to promote good testimonials and reviews without helping others grow their business websites.  And there are also methods for a contractor to refute bad reviews without needing to agree to terms and conditions of a lead generation or Ratings & Review site they do not agree to.”   

The Remodeling Magazine article ends with “Despite the issues, remodelers are sticking with Angie’s, but those we spoke with feel [they are in it] “only on it for self-defense.”  Javeline finalized his comments by saying “A good defense it to provide a good offense and that is what we teach contractors to do on their own website.”

View The I Love Angie (Not) story here.

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About ServusXchange

Our mission is to provide home repair and remodeling service contractors the most cost-effective method to get more job lead opportunities and manage their mobile business day while being a trusted business partner that stays focused on what matters most to our community.   Best known for its’ MyOnlineToolbox platform consisting of internet software and Do-It-Yourself Website SEO Education Services.  MyOnlineToolbox is a winner of a Forbes Most Promising Award, has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine and has many industry acknowledgments.  

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