MyOnlineToolbox has two versions of its platform software, a Basic Subscription and a Premium Subscription. The Basic Subscription has a Free (Limited Use) version and a Paid (Unlimited Use) Version. The Premium Subscription only has a Paid Version. The traditional path of usage is to start with the Free Basic Subscription, then upgrade to the Paid Basic Subscription and then possibly upgrade to the Paid Premium Subscription.

Our goal is simple, to provide

  • An easy method to get comfortable trying MyOnlineToolbox with real business data using the Free Limited Use Basic Subscription.  The Limited Use is restricted to a certain amount of transactions as promoted on our website, subject to change at anytime
  • A powerful entry level system that allows a small contractor to run basic business processes using the Paid Basic Subscription.  The only difference between the Free Basic Subscription and the Paid Basic Subscription is that the Paid Basic Subscription has no limitations to the amount of transactions that can be processed during the Subscription Period.
  • Small and Mid-sized contractors an easy method to have more features using the Paid Premium Subscription
  • Availability to downgrade back when business conditions change or for no other reason than you just want to downgrade

Can I try the Basic Subscription without paying? Yes, and we encourage it. The Free Basic Limited Use Subscription is 100% identical to the Paid Basic Subscription. You can try it for Free, then upgrade once you hit the transaction limit. No data is lost during the upgrade process from the Free Basic Subscription and the Paid Basic Subscription.

Can I get a refund for the Paid Basic Subscription? No, the payment is non-refundable under all circumstances. Payments are not pro-rated if you ask to discontinue access to the Paid Basic Subscription, even if such request occurs on the very day of subscribing to the Paid Basic Subscription. One of the reasons that payments are non-refundable is that we give you enough time to try and use the Basic features for Free, and by the time you have reached the transaction limit, you will either be receiving value to continue or you will not, even if it is just for one more transaction.

Can I try the Premium Subscription without paying? No, you must pay at least the one month non-refundable Paid Premium Subscription. You can pay for longer periods of time for a discount, and that too is non-refundable. We do allow you to learn about Premium features as is discussed further down this page.

Can I get a refund for the Premium Subscription?
No, the payment is non-refundable under all circumstances. One of the reasons that payments are non-refundable is that you can use so many of the Basic Subscription features for Free or for a minimal fee. If you wish to try the Premium Subscription but are unsure, then you can pay for one month and simply downgrade to the Basic Subscription on your own before the subscription period is up. You will not lose any of your data by downgrading and you simply will give up features that are associated to the Premium Subscription. Another reason has to do with support topics that we provide Premium Subscribers. An initial financial commitment demonstrates the interest of a potential premium user. There are initial services that we provide Premium Subscribers that are generally not provided to Basic Subscribers. We have had circumstances where people like to try our Premium Subscription simply to learn about new ways to enhance their own internal systems or even assist our competitors in various ways. Either way, the payment is not refundable when you indicate shortly afterwards that you are not interested in the Premium Subscription and am staying with another system.

So all payments are non-refundable? Yes, whether it is for the Basic or Premium Subscriptions, all payments are non-refundable and are not pro-rated even if you ask to discontinue your Subscription on the very day of subscribing. If paying a non-refundable upfront fee is a concern, please read to learn about the specific topics associated to the Basic or Premium Subscriptions before paying.

When using the Basic Version, how do I know what features are part of the Premium Subscription?
It is simple since all we do is deny access to the feature. The Basic Subscription is a subset of the Premium Subscription. For example, you may see something like the following (subject to change)