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A website is a critical component to your marketing, both from an image perspective and also a lead generation opportunity.

The objective of any construction oriented company, whether it be a remodeling contractor, new home builder or specialty service provider is to make potential customers want to connect with you, so they can buy from you.  Potential customers need to understand your unique value and that begins by branding your story.  Here we feature a really good remodeling contractor, who has been in the industry since 1989. 

Mast Builders never had a website until late 2018.  The owner took the approach to build a marketing environment to help promote the story of his brand.   He knew he had to take a methodical approach of explaining what exactly he prefers to do, where he prefers to work and introduces his competitive advantages.

Like others, he was caught in a bustling economy and knew he needed to find the time to make a change for the future success of his company.  Unlike others, he found the time to learn a little about marketing and website SEO through the Basic Class and Advanced Class and also created a Marketing Plan to begin the journey to transform his message for more quality leads.

Disclaimer: Certain operational details are omitted to protect the contractor’s business strategy. 

Marketing Strategy 

There are some good local competitors for this contractor, but the biggest weakness was all the remodeling contractors including themselves were weak at telling their story.   We built a plan that would allow our remodeling client to capture the best of who he was at that given moment, with a clear vision to be ready to expand his online marketing as soon as the structure was in place.  Yes, the picture here is really nice but we knew the best was yet to come. 

Website Strategy

The website was non-existent, and in a short time of working with MyOnlineToolbox, we were able to organize enough content to isolate the main services and the target locations.  It was not much content, but the structure of the site was carefully orchestrated so the next project could be implemented with maximum marketing efficiency.   For example, we started with Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling and then the next service for Whole Home Remodeling linked to the Location and Services already created on the site.

Now that we had a great representation of a beautiful project along with a customer video, we were ready to tackle the goal to show the pride in being a leading remodeling contractor.  That begins by how well organized the remodeler is before each project and them showing up with a mobile command center.  You need to simply take a tour to see why their work trailer is more than just a set of tools and supplies randomly thrown together.  The company strives to have a potential customer imagine them backing into their house to working on a remodeling project.    This is true story branding at its finest.

Tying Everything Together

Sometimes very little is worth its weight in gold. And while the next comments are short and sweet, we also need you to be aware he drove a rather long distance just to give us a handshake and this short wording. That alone should say a lot.

“I took a four hour drive from Virginia to Baltimore just to meet MyOnlineToolbox and provide a video review (on their YouTube channel).  They are excellent at marketing and if you are looking for more (quality) leads, be sure to check them out.”

Daniel M., Mast Builders, Inc., Virginia

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