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A website is a critical component to your marketing, both from an image perspective and also a lead generation opportunity.

Marketing Plan CoachingMany companies such as Vanguard Home Designs featured here, have been able to be successful over a period of time by taking marketing to the next level. First they concentrated on getting found in the first place by creating enough content to be indexed and found by the search engines. Then after the business grew they created a brand new website to be more cosmetically appealing for all the different devices including desktop, tablet and smartphone.

The owner initially took the approach to create his first website on his own learning from the Basic Marketing & Website SEO Class and Advanced Marketing & Website SEO Class. He did quite well until he grew to a point where it was time to refresh the image and focus on maintaining his strong ranking position.

Then he decided before engaging with a website company to take over the development that he would create his first Marketing Plan to help have a more strategic idea what else can be added to get more quality leads.

Disclaimer: Certain operational details are omitted to protect the contractor’s business strategy.

Website Links help with Marketing Ranking
Marketing Strategy

When upgrading the website we first re-organized all the content to focus on all specifics that a consumer may search for. As an example, Vanguard is a leading Window Replacement Contractor and there are options for all types of windows such as Double Hung Windows, Picture Windows, Bay Windows and more.

Website Strategy

We were able to do very well with all the SEO topics surrounding pages such as this one shown here. In this situation the contractor is featuring a window replacement job he did. But there is a way to further optimize your website as we go on to explain.

Contractor Website without links to co-marketing partner
Contractor Website with links to co-marketing partner

Linking is a powerful way to gain credibility to your website. So Vanguard partnered with their supplier, Great Lakes Window, one of the most respected replacement window brands in the U.S.A. In this image you see a reference to the company using their Logo as well as some wording. But there is more important information pertaining to the co-marketing.

Tying Everything Together

The supplier Great Lakes needs contractors to purchase their supplies and their contractors need more quality leads. So by Vanguard being pro-active with their marketing they were also able to support Great Lakes with unique content to promote the use of their products. And from there Great Lakes created a customer success story that links back to the Vanguard website. These links when done right can be very supportive of the keyword ranking objectives, and in this case the co-marketing between both Vanguard and Great Lakes was done perfect. Great Lakes helps support Vanguard in getting more quality leads which in turn leads Vanguard to purchasing more product from Great Lakes when they get a new customer. This is a true win-win partnership both in product and marketing.

“The classes are educational and also can be an informative refresher. I remember learning many topics that are easy to follow and well organized. As we matured we then created a Marketing Plan for a New Website that allowed us to target topics such as this co-marketing and linking to the website. It’s all reasonable to learn and just takes some time to bring it all together with long term rewards for new leads.”

Jim Hund, Vanguard Home Designs

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