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A website is a critical component to your marketing, both from an image perspective and also a lead generation opportunity.

Marketing Plan CoachingMany companies such as S. A. Casey Construction featured here, have been able to be successful over a period of time with an unimpressive and under-performing website due to networking and referral sales. This continuous award winning commercial contractor was in business for just under fifteen years when the owner decided it was time to have his image match his capabilities as well as expand his lead generation efforts. S. A. Casey Construction took the approach to learn a little about marketing and website SEO through the Basic Class and Advanced Class. They also had a Marketing Plan to help them create a more strategic relationship with their website company. Disclaimer: Certain operational details are omitted to protect the contractor’s business strategy

Commercial Construction Website Leads
Marketing Strategy

When creating a new website we first decided the approach must focus on ensuring S. A. Casey Construction clearly promotes that exact Commercial Services they provide without inadvertently confusing the clients – a common dilemma.

Website Strategy

From there the commercial contractor website marketing strategy is to focus on Company Branding plus lead generation for this award winning construction business. The pages needed to be built to elaborate on the individual services as shown when going to this side of the business. This is one of the first steps where Search Engine Optimization, otherwise known as SEO begins to take form. Showing the old site here would only diminish the classy image we have today. Ask to see it if you are a Commercial Contractor considering a top-notch branding change.

Commercial Contractor Website Marketing Services

A big challenge was to ensure S. A. Casey Construction properly separated all its services while constantly ensuring to re-enforce the main topic of Commercial Construction. They operate in a large city boundary so we needed to ensure people understand exactly where they prefer to work. And finally, we wanted to ensure potential customers see S. A. Casey Construction not just as a contractor in the commercial sector, but rather an award winning business serving as a professional construction contractor.

MyOnlineToolbox took an outdated website we had for 10 years and turned it into a marketing tool.  Not only do you see the fantastic pictures and wording, but behind the scenes is all the critical elements to the marketing success of our business.

Shawn Casey, S.A. Casey Construction, Florida

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