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Website Marketing with Reputation Management
Grow Your Company by
Leveraging Your Great Reputation
to Better Qualify Your Leads

Grow Your Business With More Quality Leads

A website is a critical component to your marketing, both from an image perspective and also a lead generation opportunity.

Just like our customers, we too as a Marketing Education and Strategy Company need to go through the same process of promoting ourselves. We selected this specific topic to represent a major upgrade we recently completed to our website. Many companies such as our own company MyOnlineToolbox featured here, already have a Great Reputation but still need to keep up with technology. Since we work with so many who have an established business and great reputation we figured we would use ourselves as an example of “what is good for you is also good for me”.

Until the end of 2016 MyOnlineToolbox had a website that was over eight years old with literally over 200 pages. A lot of those pages grew as an extension of all the webinars and articles and newsletters we put out.

Disclaimer: Certain operational details are omitted to protect our business strategy.

Website Marketing with Target Market focus 
Marketing Strategy

When upgrading the website we first decided the approach was to focus simultaneously on MyOnlineToolbox specifically promoting what we do, how we do it and who specifically do we work with. What we do is help grow a company with more quality leads. How we do it is by helping a company understand marketing and website SEO which is helping contractors grow their business with more quality leads with a focus towards websites and other online topics. And who we work with is Owners, their Office Staff and even Programmers who are good at development and just need direction towards the marketing items.

Website Strategy

When upgrading the website we first decided the approach must include a Responsive Design since it was not flexible and had way too much information. So while we were so focused on creating a ton of great content, we too got behind on the different technologies on how best to present the sheer volume of information accumulated. The image here is how our old website looked on a smartphone.

Website Marketing with Reputation Strategy
MyOnlineToolbox old Website Development Strategy

So now we made it much easier for people to learn about and purchase the Basic Marketing & Website SEO Class and Advanced Marketing & Website SEO Class. And it also is easier to learn about what goes into creating a Marketing Plan too.

Tying Everything Together

MyOnlineToolbox already has a lot of education and marketing strategy for its customer base. So while we already have a great industry image, we still needed a strategy plan resulting in a new website designed to help enhance our image for new prospects who may not know of our company while simultaneously making it easy to learn and purchase using all the newest devices.

“Knowing your target market and being able to attract those preferred customers is life changing.  We encourage you to embrace a marketing strategy, your website and other surrounding online initiatives in order to have the right customers contact you.  Working with good opportunities while eliminating wasting time on non-qualified prospects allows you to grow your company exponentially. We can assist you regardless of your business size.”

Brian Javeline, President & Co-founder,

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