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A website is a critical component to your marketing, both from an image perspective and also a lead generation opportunity.

Marketing Plan CoachingMany companies such as Zitro Construction Services featured here, have been able to be successful over a period of time with an unimpressive and under-performing website due to networking and referral sales. This successful entrepreneur was in business for about six years when he decided it was time to have his image match his capabilities as well as expand his lead generation efforts.

Zitro Construction Services took the approach to learn a little about marketing and website SEO through the Basic Class and Advanced Class. They also had a Marketing Plan to help them create a more strategic relationship with their website company.

Disclaimer: Certain operational details are omitted to protect the contractor’s business strategy

Websites for Residential Remodeling & Commercial Renovations
Marketing Strategy

When creating a new website we first decided the approach must focus simultaneously on Zitro Construction Services promoting both sides of the business, Residential and Commercial, without inadvertently confusing the clients of each side of the business – a common dilemma.

Website Strategy

From there the contractor website marketing strategy is to focus on lead generation for the Residential Remodeling side of his construction business. The pages need to be built to elaborate on the individual services as shown when going to this side of the business. This is one of the first steps where Search Engine Optimization, otherwise known as SEO begins to take form.

Website Marketing for Residential & Commercial Contractor
MyOnlineToolbox old Website Development Strategy

A big challenge was to ensure Zitro Construction Services never deviates with Residential topics when focusing on Commercial projects, and vice versa.  So we ensure there are very limited connections between the two sides of the business, with marketing towards only the side of the business a consumer may be interested in as they go one step beyond the Home Page.

When I first started looking for marketing assistance to get our company to the next level I was frustrated like a lot of business owners I know, especially contractors. I had recently invested over $4000 into a website which was nice to look at but did nothing for the company in regards to lead generation. This was even after I specifically asked the website company I was using if the site would be prepped for SEO once we were done. Thankfully I was redirected by my mentor to MyOnlineToolbox. What I appreciated about their approach right from the start was how easy it was to get started. If I wanted to invest the time and energy into learning the process for myself, then I could simply keep my investment towards the video classes offered. However, once I spoke with them about their process, I quickly realized the talents were exactly what I was needing to accomplish our company goals in marketing. They make the online marketing world make sense and work tirelessly to ensure the final product is one that will produce a result as opposed to just looking pretty. I highly recommend MyOnlineToolbox and his team to anyone considering investing online marketing dollars. You won’t be disappointed.

Angel O., Zitro Construction Services, Louisiana

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