Lead Generation Companies don’t want you to understand Google’s new algorithms. The reason is there is a fight for information that will benefit your target audience. It is so easy to show Search Engines that your website is alive and growing. The result will be more Free Leads to your Contractor Website. We recently put on a super fast 20 Minute Webinar for easily coming up with Contractor Website Content Ideas to help you learn simple ways to show the world what you do and why the Lead Generation companies will lose when you win!

After you listened to the video, there are two things to consider that follow below:

  • A link directing you to the next Free Webinar for Optimizing Content after you get the content; and
  • A link to the many other Free Contractor webinars coming up with ideas for Websites, Sales and Marketing and many other Contractor Business Issues.

Listen below for Contractor Websites Free Content Ideas to Generate Leads

The above Free Contractor Website Content Webinar really shows you how easy it is to use your current jobs to make it easier for you to compete with the Lead Generation Companies. Once you get the content, your contractor website will begin to develop its own personality.

Now you will be ready to Optimize the Content and Optimize the Pictures & Images to generate quality leads. Lack of understanding is the equivalent of creating a nice book without a nice cover. Learn more about how Content is King but Optimized Content for a Contractor Website is Queen, Nook and Knight. Learn more about how Optimized Images and Pictures with SEO can help your website be found too.

There are many reasons why we Smell A Rat in the above webinar, and many times there are two things for a contractor to be aware of when considering taking pictures and testimonials and giving the information away to certain Lead Generation Companies. First, remember it is your content so load it on your own website first and optimize it. Second, remember that many Lead Generation companies have unfavorable Terms & Conditions that can hurt your long term marketing efforts without you understanding.

A great question came up after the webinar and it was “Is there a minimum number of words you should have on a page?”. We researched this and the answer is “No, there are so many variables and the overriding advice we find is the same, and that is to have unique and valuable content for each page”. In fact, this happens to be demonstrated in the above video, in the 4th minute, where a particular customer webpage has very little content with a video, but it is rated higher than many other webpages. But the content happens to be very specific towards what the topic of the page is about, and obviously (at the time of the video) the search engines see the uniqueness of the page for the subject matter. But by saying “No” doesn’t mean that you can forget about using the appropriate number of Key Words, descriptions of pictures as well as italicized words to emphasize the topic(s) of the web page.

If your are motivated to see many other ideas that you can easily embrace, then check out the original 15 Free Contractor Website Ideas in 20 Minutes Webinar. The goal is to simply show that you can easily embrace all these marketing opportunities with possibly a little help (perhaps from us?, ahem ahem … laughing).

And to give you just one more thing for Free before promoting our contractor website services, we have a bunch of short & sweet webinars taking place that can help you better understand many contractor website issue, contractor sales & marketing issues as well as general contractor business issues for better estimating, managing and growing your business. We are happy to participate in this series with Michael & Devon Stone of Markup & Profit, as well as Michael Jeffries of Closing Success Systems. Learn more about Free Contractor Educational Ideas Webinars here.

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