Here is a recording from a Construction Programs & Results sponsored webinar titled “15 Contractor Website Ideas in 20 Minutes”. It was a follow up to a previous record setting webinar that lasted a tremendous amount of time based on contractors who just kept asking more questions. So we decided to create another webianr that was super fast.

In no more than 20 minutes, we presented OVER 15 website lead generating ideas and some insights into preparing for Google’s recent Algorithm changes. This was a fast-paced webinar. If you have a website, you get ideas on how to make it stronger. If you don’t, you’ll get ideas on what to include on that website you’re planning. Prepare for 3-6 months out today. No experience needed. Lead Gen companies hope you think that is too far away while the reality is this is closer than one realizes.

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Or you can go waste time and money with the Lead Gen companies, complain later and perhaps we will hear from you another day – your call – we are used to it – some just are ready to move forward while others try for marketing shortcuts. We are trying to find those contractors looking to be in business for a period of time, and not just fly-by-night-thinking. MyOnlineToolbox also provides contractor software for estimating, invoicing and collections – so we are vested to help contractors get more opportunities as well as managing them.

So let’s make sure you really understand “Sales Versus Marketing” or we’re wasting time.

Some people will come here to find out more about various topics, so here are the ones we choose to give more information for Free on What to do:

Some people will come here to find our more about what not to do, including the I Love Angie (Not) Story on the right hand side published by a leading trade publication, so here are some reference points on why we feel using various Lead Generation services can diminish a Contractor Website and SEO efforts:

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And finally some contractors are moving along and just want some extra information on how to prepare for Google’s 2014 Algorithm Changes. The link guides you away from our site but is well organized. Just remember, content for a contractor website is critically important along with social engagement.

Or we can spend even more time “thinking” about it, and learn more about learning … Remember you can start anytime with your own Contractor Website with SEO Education by just clicking on the How Do I Learn image below – just don’t keep putting this off since SEO is about time and you just can’t waste it anymore. GET STARTED TODAY !!!! The price is more than reasonable especially since your efforts live on forever while Lead Gen efforts are a one shot deal.