Software Discontinued as of Nov 1, 2018

 Now we 100% focus on Marketing for More Quality Leads

This page is a placeholder for the discontinued software side of our business. Go to the Contractor Website Marketing page if you are looking to generate leads to your own website.

SPECIAL NOTE as of September 2016: We are not accepting new customers for the business software (unless under a few circumstances you are invited by an existing user).  Our focus shifted due to high demand in our marketing segments for Website Education and Marketing Planning for Website & Online Lead Generation.

SPECIAL NOTE (updated April 2, 2018): As of November 1, 2018 we are no longer offering this service and all renewals will cease prior to November 1.  In other words, if your monthly renewal falls on the 15th then the October 15th renewal will not be offered since the renewal period would overlap the date in which the servers are intended to go offline.

Yes you can:

  • Use our Contractor Software to
    – Create estimates
    – Create invoices
    – Track payments
    – Create work orders
    – Schedule work orders
  • Use our Contractor Website Marketing Education for Leads to
    – Get Free Contractor Leads by learning how easy it is to optimize your website
    – Basic Class to understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    – Advanced Class to understand SEO Marketing with Video, Testimonials and Social Networking

Whether you are a one-man show or a small business, our contractor construction software allows you to automate the basics of your business without getting overwhelmed with technology, difficult setup and challenging support. So many types of industry trades may use our platform.

And you don’t have to be a tech guru in order to learn from our contractor website marketing education to take control of your lead generation opportunities for the long haul. We have so many Contractor Website Marketing & SEO Testimonials that have learned from our education series.

Is MyOnlineToolbox right for you to earn this badge?

We ask our contractor members why they use MyOnlineToolbox. If you agree with just a few replies then you should sign up now!

  • You want to know the true differences between Contractor Sales & Contractor Marketing since it all begins before you even get a phone call from a prospect.
  • You realize the importance of having a Contractor Website from day one, and started with Free Contractor Website Marketing & SEO Education in order to allow prospects to learn about your services.
  • You realize not everything is for Free, and will invest a little time for the #1 Best Online Website Marketing & SEO Education Class – Just for Contractors!
  • You realize Lead Generation Companies are aware that so many in the industry lack a marketing background so you are willing to consider Advanced Marketing Education – Just for Contractors! as you continue to grow.
  • You are becoming a modern tech savvy contractor and want an unfair advantage over the competition.
  • You use technology to help you do more with less people
  • You want contractor software to write your estimates or invoices immediately on a laptop in the field.
  • You currently use more than one software application to estimate, invoice, schedule and track jobs.
  • You use the internet to communicate job info, buy leads, order materials, or share documents.
  • You want as many Free Marketing and Free Job Lead opportunities as possible.
  • You would prefer to have one software product that does everything you need.
  • You want to send estimates and invoices electronically to save time, postage and get paid quicker.
  • You would like to create an office network so other employees can work in your estimates or invoices but you lack the knowledge or can’t afford all the hardware and software to implement it.
  • You want a low cost business application specifically designed for your business.
  • MyOnlineToolbox was awarded by Dell as one of our nation’s Top 10 Innovations.
  • MyOnlineToobox was awarded by Forbes as one of America’s Most Promising Businesses.
  • You want a business application that is quick to start up and very easy to learn.
  • You want office help who can log into your company while working from their own home.
  • You want to try the software system for free without talking to a consultant to see if it’s right for you. (sponsored by our affiliates).
  • You would like to back up your company records daily but you can’t afford the equipment or you can’t get it to work.
  • You are looking for an easy no cost way to find jobs as a subcontractor.
  • You want to use a product that is enhanced by suggestions from the people actually using it.
  • You want to use Contractor Software that is updated and maintained automatically without interrupting you.
  • You want to send material purchase orders directly to a supplier without having to rewrite them from an estimate.
  • You want to have access to all your company information via a laptop computer in your truck.
  • You want an easy way to work on many things at the same time when multi-tasking.
  • You want to order materials on a purchase order from your truck.
  • You want to resend an invoice or estimate to a customer from your fishing boat.
  • You want to eliminate contractors interrupting your office staff to pick up jobs, relay job status, drop off invoices and pick up checks.
  • You want to ensure other contractors are getting your job instructions without having to constantly communicate by phone.
  • You don’t want to lose any information if there’s a power interruption while entering a large estimate or invoice.