You need to understand the Lead Gen tactics to your advantage, unfortunately both defensively and offensively for your Contractor Website to continue to generate Free Leads. Lead generating companies continue to raise hundreds of millions from investors, who know there are hundreds of thousands of contractors willing to spend far more than that to buy leads and advertising. If you don’t have a website that’s optimized to bring leads to you, lead generating companies will attract those leads and sell them to other contractors.  Even worse, many contractors with a website are having their online identity used by lead gen companies, without their knowledge, to drive consumers to other contractors.

Ever wonder why you get so many phone calls to be listed on a site?  Ever wonder why your own website may be getting less traffic?  Is there a chance the people looking for you are inadvertently going to other websites that may not make it easy to directly contact you? Consumers look online to find a contractor.  If you know the basics of online contractor marketing & SEO, they’ll find you. If you don’t know, they’ll find the lead gen companies.

Why pay Lead Generation Companies for advertising and leads when you can get leads, good leads, on your own for a fraction of the cost for life?   Hijack-the-Hijacking of your business name, services, pictures and testimonials.  Lead by the creators of the #1 Online Website Marketing Education Series – Just For Contractors!, following is a fast webinar that introduces what you need to know to take charge of your own website marketing, and how to begin to put up your own defense against the Lead Generation companies.