Craft Versus Business for Contractor Entrepreneur
Craftsman Vs Businessman Passion


Three leading educators and motivators got together to provide 7 Ideas in 7 Minutes each to better market, sell and run your construction contractor company. More Quality Leads, Close More Sales, Make More Money … It’s that simple. The moderator and speakers have reached thousands of contractors who think of business as much as their craft. These webinars have attracted more than 50,000 views.

Michael Stone, Brian Javeline, Mike Jeffries. Three leading construction-industry trainers and motivators in less than 20 minutes. Listen to 1st portion of Generating More Contractor Leads here, or follow below for the full webinar.

The above 7 ideas in 7 Minutes came from the beginning of a 20 Minute Webinar Session for 21 Ideas. Want to see listen to the Entire Webinar, then Listen Now to the Entire Contractor Leads Sales Profits Webinar (note: if you already listened to the above, just skip to about 6 minutes in to end with a Lead Generation Summary and move into the next session).

Perhaps you want to focus on just closing more sales, then Listen Now to the 7 Ideas in 7 Minutes to Close More Sales and Grow Your Business.

Or perhaps you want to focus on just making more money, then Listen Now to the 7 Ideas in 7 Minutes to Make More Profits with Each Job.

Do you have more passion as a Craftsman or Business Person?

Only one wins to be an entrepreneur. Unfortunately many contractors look at their day first as a Craftsman and then maybe as a Business Person but rarely as an Entrepreneur. The wonderful thing of being a construction contractor is that it doesn’t take much to stand out amongst the majority. Of course being a good craftsman is important – but it is equally important to being a Good Business Person so you are as effective as possible in getting more work and making as much money as you deserve. And being a good business person is a trait that can be learned over time. And the best way to learn is to be inspired, and that inspirational spirit is within the inherent nature of a Entrepreneur. Read our inspirational Craftsman Versus Businessman Passion story here. We hope it helps inspire just one fellow passionate Entrepreneur and Business Person who happens to be a Craftsman.

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