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MyOnlineToolbox has many Industry Awards and 100+ Customer Reviews.  We are also a speaker at many National Events. In short, we are a proven source of guidance for Marketing, Websites and overall Lead Generation strategies for this industry.

Every contractor’s website should be a lead generation machine. Unfortunately, most contractor websites are more disorganized promotional than a mechanism that helps them get more quality leads. Unfortunately, too many contractors look for the fastest and cheapest answers so they then fight with the lead generation companies for a bucket of terrible leads in the hopes of finding a good one.

Too many marketing specialists may be good at the technologies but they lack the industry insight to allow a contractor to focus for success. It is so easy to understand and implement and we are here to help. Yes, you need a little time, but that is the reality of marketing. We are here to educate, allow a strategy to unfold and inspire you to make the changes.


Now more than ever is the time to educate yourself and plan for the future.  Most have more time at home than ever before so use this time to position for the recovery.  The new Basic & Advanced Versions of MyOnlineToolbox are now available with double the content of the original versions, but we are keeping the price the same.

MyOnlineToolbox is the leader in online marketing & website education specific to our industry.   In order to support you during this unprecedented challenge and opportunity, we are providing the Advanced Class for Free (a 125% savings since the advanced class is $479).  This offer is limited to 1,000 sign-ups and can be rescinded at any time.

There is just one catch, and that is you need to provide us just 1 comment about the Basic Class within 7 Days of signing up.   Just one opinion, comment or suggestion and you get $479 of value.   It is that important to us, and helps us know what we are doing right, identify any mistakes and position us for changes throughout the year.  Most important, we need you to commit to learning NOW when there is no excuse for you to prepare for a global rebound.  The Basic Class averages 3 hours so there are really no excuses for you to not be able to just sit down and focus in a week.


After taking the Basic Class, you may decide on some personalized guidance. In this case, we will offer a couple of Hours of Consulting for Free (a $550 Value) by simply upgrading to the Advanced Class. It’s optional, so you either can get the Advanced Class for Free, or pay to upgrade to the Advanced Class and get consulting for Free, it’s your choice. This offer is limited to 100 sign-ups and can be rescinded at any time.

There is just one catch, and that is we may not be allowed to work with you to avoid a conflict of interest with our Diamond Marketing Clients. It is rare, but it does happen. The consulting will only focus on your specific weaknesses to address without a competitive review, so the chances of us not being able to work with you, if you would like to chose this option are slim.


Many people come to this page and just want to sign up. Great! And some others simply need more information to be able to feel more comfortable before committing to the purchase. Experience tells us that many are so intimidated about marketing, or have had bad guidance in the past, so they need more information. That’s fine but just remember, it’s only $379 to begin your journey into a direction where so many have been before.

The question is “Are you ready or are you just dreaming for change?” Continue to read the rest of this page then click on the LEARN NOW towards the bottom or just BUY NOW! 

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Our Classes are a single payment. We have been entrenched in education for so long but recently we have seen all these new educational services popping up. Many want to ride our wave of success, which is a great honor to have us stimulate education for the industry. Some are charging a recurring fee and that is nonsense. Many of these firms see this as an ongoing gravy train in the hopes of you not paying attention, and definitely not obtaining long term value. We are sure they offer to cancel at anytime options, but everyone knows the majority forget and an extra month or perhaps many months will pass while charging your credit card. It goes against entrepreneurial business sense in these unique times, but if you see the value, then great. For MyOnlineToolbox, we believe in a single payment. You can still follow along for Free on all the weekly relevant quick tips too.


No. While no one has asked for one since inception, we still want to just make the statement to make the tire-kickers go away. If that is on your mind then we suggest you leave now and we thank you for stopping by.


Great question since we prefer that over the traditional question “What makes you the best?”. The answer is so large that we will let you make a determination of what is important and what is not. Many appreciate the intangible aspect of being a 4x Serial Entrepreneur over an extended period of time. Many others appreciate the detailed Case Studies including our recent client being awarded the prestigious NAHB Remodeler of the Month. Or of course, you can just read or listen to the 100+ customer reviews.


Sometimes people run into a signup problem, if so, please just email “sales at myonlinetoolbox DOT COM” (spelled to avoid spam) with the subject header “New Signup Challenge” and we will get back to you as soon as we can. That happens when they have multiple emails between the signup and payment process. Fixing that is easy. The bigger problem occurs when people sign up and simply do not allocate some time in the near future to take the class. It’s like joining a gym with a few free personalized coaching sessions. No one can force you to go to the gym, but you can obviously not blame anyone but yourself for not seeing your body change just because you purchased the membership. In this case, MyOnlineToolbox really wants you to take just a few hours of your time over the next week to focus on your first marketing education. Remember, we are giving you a week to get your Free $479 Advanced Class. It’s up to you!


Yes, with many options. We work similarly to an architect working with a builder.  One option is to take advantage of our Website Builder solution.  Or we guide your preferred website programming company.  Or we can guide you to other programming firms.  Due to all the permutations that usually take place, you should immediately be considering taking us up on the Advanced Class upgrade to obtain some consulting. Or you may want to also inquire about our Diamond Marketing option. Either way, we encourage you to become a customer with such a small investment so that we have a more vested answer when we speak to you. And quite honestly, it is so much easier to talk about this topic after you understand the true objective. Regardless of whether you consider working with MyOnlineToolbox or not on an ongoing basis, this one class will set you in the right direction for your expectations. In fact, this is why so many website companies want you to have a better understanding of the various topics and refer their prospects first to us.

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MyOnlineToolbox offers multiple inexpensive options to help a contractor learn Basic and Advanced concepts of marketing a contractor website with a focus on Branding & SEO (Search Engine Optimization). So many simply do not understand branding which is a problem by itself. Then there are hundreds of SEO topics one can talk about, but the reality is, a contractor only needs to embrace a few dozen concepts to generate leads. The problem is that most do not have enough industry-specific knowledge to combine enhancing your image while simultaneously looking to improve search opportunities. And that is what it is all about – generating More Free Quality Leads to your own contractor website over an extended period of time. It simply will not happen if you do not combine both Branding and SEO topics in a strategic manner.


There is a small percentage of people who really just hunt for Free information. It is not the right business choice, but we get it. If you have made it this far, and you just are on the endless pursuit of Free information, then we suggest for you to go to the bottom of this page and go to either or Facebook Page (and Like It), or YouTube Channel (and Subscribe to it). You will be alerted to our periodic Quick Tip updates.


The Basics of Marketing with a focus on Online Marketing, specific to this industry. The Basic Class focuses mostly on the Website Itself, while the Advanced Class focuses on supporting topics such as Facebook, YouTube, Google My Business, and more. Most important, we help you connect the dots by referencing many successful companies that are 1 to 5 years ahead of you. Topics include:

  • Visually understand how Search Results work. Understanding what you see whenever you search for something on the web is the best start to making your web pages more attractive to Search Engines to find your web pages.
  • A title tag is one of the most important topics when identifying an individual web page. There are just a handful of concepts to know, in a specific order for you to ensure the web page is indexed by the search engines to be found within search results.
  • While a Title Tag is very important for being indexed by a search engine to be found, the Meta Description and Web Page Address (URL) also help as extra steps to emphasize search and more importantly, guide a person to actually clicking on your web page when many results appear.
  • Keep in mind you need to combine your website with a focus on “what” you do, and “the one thing most lead generation companies to hope you don’t think about”.  We make it easy for you to learn this one thing and it is worth its weight in gold.
  • Pictures are worth more than 1000 words. Pictures help you create endless content opportunities. And Optimized Pictures help your web pages get found.  Just a few tricks and you will begin to realize how powerful an opportunity your smartphone will be before, during, and after the job.
  • Your text will make up the bulk of your content for your website. Learn the most important aspects of using the right text for Search Engines to learn what your website and web pages are all about.
  • Lead Generation is a big business, and so much of it occurs since many contractors simply do not position themselves to get leads to their own websites.  We teach how to not short change yourself by quickly giving away your most valuable commodity which is unique content. We explain their terms and conditions since many of these items can negatively impact your own long term efforts to generate leads to your own website. We end by showing the tactics that Lead Generation companies used to help drive traffic to their website, so you can emulate and beat them.
  • The class was designed and organized just for contractors with over 40 individual topics !!!!   A contractor can just embrace a set of these topics and be SO FAR AHEAD OF THE INDUSTRY since most contractors simply don’t care about marketing making Lead Generation companies happy.  Embrace all the topics and you will be well on your way to generating quality leads in your territory.
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Short 3 Hour Course

In 3 Hours you can change so much about how you look at your own website, other competitive websites (including Lead Generation web pages) and decide for yourself whether you can do a lot on your own, or use a hired programmer, or hire a marketing firm – but you will understand what everyone is talking about.

Don’t have a straight 3 hours to spare? Don’t worry, the class has been broken up into very quick topic reviews so you can go in for 5 to 10 minutes to focus on a topic, log out, and come back in again to continue to the next topic.


  • A contractor who wants to create their own website and be ready to get leads from day one.
  • A contractor who has been playing games with Lead Generation companies for too long and realizes it is time to generate leads for themselves.
  • A contractor who possibly has a good programming resource from a technical perspective but needs guidance on the marketing side specific to the industry.
  • Your office staff, significant other, son or daughter who wants to help you generate more leads using a website and online search


Perhaps you since we are getting close to the end of trying to have you join us. Hopefully, we are wrong since tire kickers, people just looking for some Free information, or those not motivated to make the changes in their thinking to see the results are those we prefer to just have moved on.

Teaching contractor website marketing education is challenging mostly because many contractors are so intimidated that we spend more time getting past the fear of the unknown. We understand you may have limited time and financial resources, especially when you are mobile so much making it hard to connect on a continuous basis to keep the education moving along.

The sad fact is the VAST majority of contractors do not have a website. Even worse, many who do have a website don’t know how to be found by the search engines. It takes just a little time to learn what it takes to have your Contractor Website found by search engines by making the appropriate adjustments.

We took the best of what works for a contractor and organized the material in a very straightforward way wherein less than three hours you can methodically learn and use many basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) principles to ensure you are generating leads for your own website.

The Basic Class will set you apart from other contractors and lead generation companies. After you are done with this Basic Class we bet you will be excited to take the Advanced Contractor Website Marketing Class. For a few hundred bucks and three hours of your time, you will begin to create a marketing machine with your contractor website.

Note: Upon signing up, you will get an email titled “[Contractor Website SEO Education Basic] Login Details Email”. Please check your spam-junk folder if it doesn’t arrive within a few minutes since the information comes from a separate server.

Every contractor’s website should be a lead generation machine. Unfortunately, most contractor websites are more promotional than one that helps them get more quality leads. It is so easy to understand and implement and we are here to help.