What does a service provider mean to MyOnlineToolbox?


Service providers offer various things to contractors, but this comes second, and we will tell you why. Our goal is to have you adding value to whatever service you provide to contractors.

The contractor is the center of the community platform. The contractor uses MyOnlineToolbox to manage the entire life cycle of a remodeling job or service call. From the contractor’s perspective, MyOnlineToolbox is an Internet solution where they log in to a secure online application to help organize the daily operations of their business. The application does what any business application should: maintain a contact database, schedule work, and create estimates and invoices and keep track of payments. But MyOnlineToolbox offere a collaborative component connecting contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, homeowners, realtors, and other professionals together.

In 2008 DELL awarded MyOnlineToolbox a TOP 10 INNOVATOR. In 2009 FORBES our company was awarded one of AMERICA’S MOST PROMISING BUSINESSES. Most of our success come from seeing our industry going through a change and surrounding ourselves with business savvy, tech savvy contractors.

Scroll over the picture if you desire to learn more about specific product features. Better business for contractors means better business for you.

Connect with contractors, both your existing customers and prospects

MyOnlineToolbox has created a custom program for service providers to offer a targeted branding experience and a more compelling return on investment.

It is common to strategically present advertisements within various social networking and informational websites but there still are unknown factors as to who the viewer actually is.

MyOnlineToolbox targets the contractor directly within the business processes.

It is important to note that our advertisements are strategic to not interupt the contractor during their day. They are placed in target spots of the sign-up process, the application itself as well as within our periodic support updates.

How is MyOnlineToolbox better connected to the community?

We are connected to the business cycle. For example, many contractors create estimates for homeowners on a piece of paper and just leave it on the homeowner’s kitchen table. Other times contractors have to go back to the office to accumulate various pieces of information to provide an estimate. Either way, follow-up usually relies on the homeowner calling back the contractor to review the information. The MyOnlineToolbox platform allows contractors to optionally run their business over the Internet and send electronic estimates, invoices and messages to the homeowner to review materials, prices and schedule dates. The going back and forth will take place within the platform. This connects both parties on every step of a job through payment.

How does the platform benefit me?

Benefit to contractors
It is most important to first be concerned about the benefit to contractors. Why? Becuase they are your target audience. The benefit to them is that MyOnlineToolbox is the most cost effective way to run their business with no on-going commitments. Contractors can run their business independently or in conjunction with others; it’s up to them.

  • Opportunity for jobs just by being visible in the community platform
  • Mobile capability to collaborate, fax or email doc’s from the pick-up truck
  • Direct purchase of materials or services from anywhere on the road
  • Estimates and invoices are completed faster and immediately deployed to those waiting for them

Benefit to the homeowner customers of contractors
Avoiding conflicts by having everything about a job online in a shared environment to ensure the materials, costs and scheduling are always agreed upon. No more leaving voice messages and telephone tag. Homeowner can communicate with a contractor when it’s convenient for them. Better business for contractors means more business for you.

Benefit to service providers
MyOnlineToolbox provides the only cost effective method to constantly re-inforce your marketing messages within the contractor’s business day, without being intrusive. MyOnlineToolbox provides many options for this to occur from direct advertising, sponsorships, affiliate relationships and co-marketing. MyOnlineToolbox has an answer whether you are a new or established service provider in the contracting industry.

Entering a new marketing platform

There are millions of evolving contractors who are gravitating towards the Internet and mobile computing. Many companies can benefit by being connected to this evolving community centered on the contractor and homeowner.

The MyOnlineToolbox product never loses value and creates a reinforced bond between you, your vendors, subcontractors and your customers.

MyOnlineToolbox brings a unique connection between your company and other evolving of tech-savvy contractors, homeowners, suppliers and service providers. And it all centers on you the contractor.

How do I begin?

Various factors go into what is the right relationship to form and we encourage you to contact us by answering a few short questions in the Media Kit Contact Form section of the following link.