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A website is a critical component to your marketing, both from an image perspective and also a lead generation opportunity.

Marketing Plan CoachingSuppliers have a great opportunity to expand their relationships with contractors to help create more Lead Generation opportunities for their websites.  The contractor makes more sales and follows with more material purchases from their suppliers.  It’s a true win-win relationship.  Unfortunately too many suppliers do not take the initiative since it is easier to guide contractors to lead generation companies, but that doesn’t help with long term marketing objectives. Here we feature Great Lakes Window, a division of Ply Gem (NYSE:PGEM), to demonstrate how they are aggressively helping contractors get more quality leads.

Disclaimer: Operational details are omitted to protect the featured supplier’s business strategy.

Great Lakes Windows for MyOnlineToolbox webinar
Marketing Strategy

Great Lakes Window is one of the most respected suppliers of replacement windows in the U.S.A. and well known for their quality product and service.  In addition to enhancing their own reputation and sales opportunities, Great Lakes Window has an objective to enhance the relationships and lead generation opportunities for contractors and their distributors.  Great Lakes Window is able to help by co-marketing the contractor’s services.  It sounds easy, and it is – with the right strategy in place supported by both the contractor’s efforts and Great Lakes Window’s efforts.

Website Strategy

The key ingredient to co-marketing success is when both parties (the contractor and supplier) work synergistically to support each other’s efforts.  The contractor has to capture pictures, obtain a testimonial and create a dedicated website landing page with a handful of SEO items organized to promote the contractor’s business, the materials used and the supplier’s business. The supplier has to create their own website landing page that is of a similar story except more of a focus on how the products are used for a contractor’s particular job.

Disclaimer: A contractor should have a modern responsive website to support the cosmetic appeal for the supplier.  In other words, a supplier will want to generate leads to a website that is consistent with a nice image.  Older websites may not be applicable to all devices such as a smartphone or tablet.

Great Lakes Case Study for MyOnlineToolbox webinar

Great Lakes Window is helping strategically support the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) topics for a contractor to improve the rankings of target keywords while also helping website credibility with inbound linking.  In this joint presentation we use a real contractor job to promote how co-marketing with a supplier can be achieved.  The content was wonderfully unique.  And surrounding the unique content is an abundance of SEO items such as Title Tags, Anchor Text, Alt Text and Linking.  None of this is hard to understand.  But it does take a partnership to put it all together.  It was done so well that MyOnlineToolbox and Great Lakes Window decided to promote it as an Educational Webinar included here.

Tying Everything Together

The supplier Great Lakes Window needs contractors to purchase their supplies and their contractors need more quality leads.  Working together, a contractor and its supplier can help each other achieve these objectives.  Both companies can enhance their images while simultaneously increasing their lead generation opportunities.

The co-marketing between the Contractor and Great Lakes Window was done perfect.  Great Lakes Window helps support the contractor in getting more quality leads which in turn becomes the contractor purchasing more product from Great Lakes Window.  This is a true win-win partnership both in product and marketing.  Learn more about the how the contractor first prepared their website for this co-marketing linking opportunity here.

Great Lakes Window is looking to expand its’ Dealership Network and is looking for new contractors interested in purchasing from them.  Those details are covered towards the end of the presentation.

“MyOnlineToolbox’s mission is to help contractor’s grow their business with more quality leads.  It is so exciting to be working with such a respected company such as Great Lakes Window to help their customers obtain more lead generating opportunities to their website.  The website items covered in the educational webinar and the processes Great Lakes Window has in place make for a fantastic partnership between supplier and contractor.  It is exactly what the contracting industry needs to help a company excel with their marketing objectives.  In addition to using Great Lakes Window as a supplier, I recommend contractors look at the entire product line of Ply Gem also including Siding, Doors, Trim, Fencing, Roofing & Gutters.  They are looking to help grow your business beyond the traditional supplier relationship.”

Brian Javeline, MyOnlineToolbox

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