What is your PLAN for More Quality Leads, Sales & Profits?

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Unfortunately most contractors are better at Sales then they are at Marketing. And the vast majority do not know, or possibly want to admit they do not know the simple differences of Marketing versus Sales.

So many contractors hire a website person to build them a site only to be disappointed on the lead generation results. Unfortunately most contractor website companies are better at SEO than they are at marketing. They call themselves marketing companies but they are really more versed at keyword analysis and webpage tech terms.

The problem is that most contractors do not have a CONTRACTOR MARKETING PLAN for more Quality Leads. And with the right PLAN, you can then translate these Quality Leads to Better Sales. And with the right PLAN, you can convert these Better Sales to More Profits.

A simple analogy can be used with a GPS. A GPS helps navigate multiple routes to take based on distance. But knowing traffic conditions helps decide whether the longer route actually saves time. This is called “Planning”.

So let’s help start your contractor planning for more Quality Leads, Better Sales & More Profits.

Free Planning Webinar! The above was taken from a record setting webinar held with MyOnlineToolbox along with Construction Programs & Results who joined forces to help propel your planning for More Quality Leads and More Profits. While praying is nice, planning is strategic to make things happen. The 2nd half of the webinar Planning for Profit is here.

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Great examples mentioned in the webinar.

Unique Location Sensitive Content: www.CastileConstruction.com has done an absolutely fantastic job in creating unique content for their contractor website. They started with some (but not all of the towns as of this post) they are servicing. Go to the website and scroll down to the Local Towns Serviced. What makes these pages unique is the way the owners of the contracting company discuss their familiarity separate from the specifics of what they do in each town.

Excellent Use Of Pictures: www.JagConstructionCorp.com has done a great job on their contractor website showing unique pictures for each town, in addition to having some wonderful pictures of the awards and acknowledgements from some of those jobs. The awards can be seen by either clicking on the About Us tab, or by going to any of the Service Locations and then clicking on a hyper link using the appropriate anchor text.

Spectacular Use Of Video: www.SolidRockEnterprises.com has done one heck of a job using video on their contractor website to show the job itself along with customer testimonials, reviews that you can trust in writing and listening. Go to the Home Page and click on either the towns of Goodview or Moneta to see some wonderful video, which has a lot of marketing strategy built in too.

Learn How To Get YouTube Videos for your Contractor Website here.

Contractor Marketing Budget: How can you run your business without a marketing budget? Contractors are notorious for not planning to have a certain amount of funds and time allocated to this important aspect of staying and growing a business. Having a budget is more important than deciding exactly how to spend the money. Forbes, for which earlier gave MyOnlineToolbox a Most Promising Award, promoted a recent article for Marketing Budget For Small Businesses. It focuses on needs, risks & other basic marketing items.

Contractor Marketing Budget, Another Idea: Remember, it is not just about advertising. Marketing also encompasses the effort to accumulate content, working on your website, etc. While we don’t necessarily agree with the math, the overall context of the issues to consider, including planning to have a contractor marketing budget is covered well in this Entrepreneur Magazine article for How to Determine the Perfect Marketing Budget for your Company.

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