Most people, especially the Lead Generation companies, thrive on pitching “getting more leads”. Those lead generation companies NEVER call me, why? They know I have more leads than I can handle.

But what happens when the reverse happens with Contractors and your marketing objectives kick in and you simply get WAY TOO MANY LEADS? The common item people suggest is to “stop the SEO marketing”, and then we need to explain that is the last thing you want to do. The reason is it takes way too long to get marketing started.

A better idea is to change your landing pages to show a more quality image (so people see you as more expensive and it reduces tire kickers).

And the most extreme I have seen is someone in the Service Industry who randomly tried my idea of posting a slightly higher hourly rate on his Home Page, along the lines of Normal Hourly Rates starting at $X, after hours starting at $Y. This contractor slowed the number of calls, and continued to get leads that were willing to pay more than he normally charged. After he decided to move his too low rates a little higher realizing more people were willing to pay his rates, rather than him being overworked with lower rates from his cut-throat competitors.

As the next year approaches, hopefully, many of you are beginning to focus on getting More Quality Leads and ensuring the focus on More also focuses on Quality too. It takes a least three months of slow methodical planning, so don’t wait for the end of the year to begin planning or you will simply read this again next year and wonder why the same struggles continued.

Oh, and we are MyOnlineToolbox were in the same boat too until 2016 and went through our first website upgrade in many years, with a focus on changing WAY TOO MANY LEADS to MORE QUALITY LEADS.

Look closely at our website, especially the Case Studies, and you will see how we methodically work with companies to go through a marketing transformation. Whether it is a first-time New Website, or perhaps an Upgraded Flamboyant Website, or a Diversified Residential and Commercial.

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