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Here are some topics that you may want more details on:

Your Contractor Website Developer is many times not a Contractor Marketing Person. Realize the importance understanding why most website companies are better at SEO than they are at marketing. They call themselves marketing companies but they are really more versed at keyword analysis and webpage tech terms.

A contractor learned contractor website SEO then did a marketing plan for building job specific webpages and is referenced as a Contractor Website Marketing Strategy Case Study.

You need to understand the Contractor Lead Generation Marketing tactics to your advantage, unfortunately both defensively and offensively for your Contractor Website to continue to generate Free Leads. Many contractors with a website are having their online identity used by lead gen companies, without their knowledge, to drive consumers to other contractors. Ever wonder why you get so many phone calls to be listed on a site? Check out a previously popular Hijack-the-Hijacking webinar here.