A call to action is a marketing term used extensively in advertising and selling. It refers to a method designed to prompt an immediate response or encourage an immediate sale.

For a construction contractor or remodeler, it generally will refer to making it easy for someone to pick up the phone to inquire about your services or perhaps send an electronic communication to inquire about your services.

When working with your website, marketing people may also call this a conversion. A conversion on a website is the goal that you are hoping to have a visitor accomplish. A good example is MyOnlineToolbox.com. One form of call to action is giving people access to purchase our Basic Education Class or Advanced Education Class. Or perhaps they may want to speak to us to discuss our Diamond Marketing Engagement. And maybe they just want to browse so we guide them to our Free Videos.

Contractors have a very easy answer to this next question …

What do I want a visitor to do on my website?

There are a few answers, but you can approach them strategically.

Obviously the most important ones are for a prospect to call you or email you to discuss the possibilities of you providing a service for them.

Your phone number should be prominent and mobile ready

We prefer it listed on the top right hand side, and it should be clickable for a Smart Phone since many people may find you on their mobile device and may just assume the number is clickable. And remember, there is a good chance you may not be able to pick up the call, so make sure you review our Voice Mail overview so you do not lose the lead.

Your contact section should be one each page

We prefer it somewhere on the right-hand side or the bottom of the page depending on your site layout. The reason is you want to provide just enough reason why someone would want to contact you in the first place. When people send you a communication, try to capture as much information as possible. Just getting a phone number and email address is too little. Ask for their Name, their Phone and Email address. Also ask for the Town they live in as well as a description of the job they are looking to accomplish. More information makes it easier to qualifying the lead too.

Capture the Page when sending a contact communication

Visitors to your site are going to arrive via a variety of sources such as search engines, referring sites, or your social media pages. And they are going to arrive at different pages on your site.The first thing to understand is all possible entry points, which are often referred to as Landing Pages. Some common entry pages include your Homepage or Service Pages. But any webpage can be a landing page, so EVERY page should have a call to action.

When the email is sent to you, ensure to have the webpage address included just so you can see exactly where the prospect was at the time they decided to communicate with you. Perhaps they were on your Portfolio Page, or maybe they were on the About Us page learning more about your company. Knowing this may just give you a little more insight to your prospect.

This link or image pushes visitors toward your primary website goal, and that is for you to be contacted with the job opportunity.

Create a Distinct Contact Us Page

Independent of the individual call to actions on all the webpages is for you to also have one page that is optimized for one purpose, conversion to contact you. A good Contact Us landing page contains only the vital information your visitor needs to make a decision. Provide the necessary information about what they will get if they take the action.

For example, in the case of remodeling company, you would want to clearly state “We will contact you within one business day to discuss your home improvement ideas”.

Create a separate Contact Us Page available through a menu option, and also have a call to action on each webpage too.

Additional call to actions like a free industry report or newsletter

Some people like to capture email addresses for future marketing and they will provide access to a Free industry report, or perhaps a Newsletter, or something similar available for Free so long as they sign up. This is not a bad idea so long as you have something of substance to offer. If it is a newsletter then be sure you are in a position to create something of value and not inadvertently something the customer will opt out of, or worse, block your email address since they may view it as spamming.

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