Construction Contractor Branding

Do not look at this as just a website development issue, but rather the ability for you to accumulate great content, pictures and videos, then organize it in such a way that any programmer can make it look good. 

This is a part of online marketing that many times gets overlooked when you only rely on the technical abilities of the website programmer. The branding component requires the owner’s effort to accumulate the content.

Imagine yourself being a remodeling contractor and you are going up again another remodeling contractor for a really great job. Let’s assume all things are equal where you are both well known, have references and are going to compete against this remodeling contractor. Let’s also assume your prices are identical.

So the only thing different is how you promote and sell yourself. Now go under the assumption that this other remodeling contractor is able to have the potential customer first see the Taking Pride Being in the Construction Industry landing page. Look closely and you will see how it also introduces someone to visit a really great project page too (further pulling someone into being interested in his quality and results).

How do you think you stack up against this remodeling contractor?

While it may look easy, it is not. This contractor first created a Marketing Plan & Strategy to help have a methodical approach to his future ability to attract More Quality Leads. And he also took Basic Website Marketing Education & Advanced Website Marketing Education to understand just enough of the supporting technologies to separate himself from others.

So look at your website and see if you can match going up against this remodeling contractor with all other aspects being equal.

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