Marketing Strategy Timing

Do you want better customers next month, next quarter and next year?

Then start planning for them since it will take some time to methodically organize yourself. Many do not want to embrace this fact, but it will take months (and even longer in certain circumstances) for these marketing strategy efforts to all come together. This includes making updates to your website (or replacing it all together), Facebook and YouTube for Social Sharing, Google Reviews for validation, etc.

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Don’t come up with excuses to not be marketing your business. We hear the same ones all the time. Eventually you will be in the worst position of all, and that is when you say “I need quick help to get my phone to ring”. Unfortunately, it is too late to effectively market your business.

Start now, take a few months to organize your marketing strategy slowly but with quality in mind, and then start to reap the rewards for a long time period. It may seem like some time away, but it is not. Then the momentum continues which is the real benefit of successful marketing.

Don’t use an excuse such as you are busy and waiting for things to slow down.

Guess what? That is the same thing the majority of your peers are saying. Ever wonder what the top companies do different than you to be overly successful? Much of it is not magic. Much of it is business practices and continuity with no excuses.

We are now tied for the second-longest economic expansion in American history. Unemployment is at historic lows. Economists don’t see a recession on the near horizon, possibly keeping this same pace through the entire year. So somewhere in late 2019 to 2020 we will have to hit an eventual peak with the first hints of a contraction. Since marketing takes time to make an impact, wouldn’t it be wise for you to take a moment to look at how you are attracting better customers, and to be one step ahead of everyone else who will probably put the brakes on marketing once they see the industry take a pause?

Not now, then never!

If you are not doing something now, in the face of the best growth in history, then you can bet you will be at a disadvantage when things eventually slow down.

Right now is the perfect time to review your Marketing Plan & Strategy to ensure you are positioning for 2019-2020 so you will be getting better leads now and well into the future.

I hear all the time “you do not know how lucky you are to get so many leads”. And I respond the same way, “No, luck has nothing to do with it.” It took planning, execution and persistence to build the momentum of image and results we produce. In fact, that is why I like to focus on the words More Quality Leads as opposed to just saying More Leads.

Perhaps you are doing great with your marketing and leads. That is great. Make sure to not rest on your laurels and keep it up.

In the case of MyOnlineToolbox, we focus on the Marketing Planning aspect of growing one’s business. Some people already have a good environment so all they need to do is constantly create Facebook posts and YouTube Videos for Social Sharing. Others need to get Google Reviews for Local Rankings. Periodic updates to the website to avoid dormancy helps with the cosmetics and rankings. And then there are others who are not mobile centric or who simply have outdated websites that should be aggressively replaced.

No Silver Bullet when it comes to Marketing Strategy.

But a great marketing strategy is to be consistent with your Free and Paid oriented topics. This consistency will allow you to avoid going dormant while also maximizing future opportunities that will go to your competitors if you sit idle. When is the best time to be Marketing Your Business? The answer is “Between yesterday and today, then periodically on a consistent basis.”

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