We are always busy getting inquiries from people “thinking” about upgrading their online marketing for next year. It is an understatement to tell you how many people are still operating as if they had their first flip phone and not realizing the advantages of a smartphone. Online Marketing with a focus towards Mobile Friendly Marketing is imperative to your lead generation efforts.

So rather than pitch why you should be forward thinking, let me be clear on how you can quickly find out if you are stuck in the archives of the past, especially when it comes to being positioned for new business. Mobile Friendly Marketing is a must!

Google provides a Free Mobile Friendly Marketing Test here. The main issue is, Are You Mobile Friendly? Yes/No. You will probably get some page loading warnings or a few other issues, but that is secondary to the main question.

You can randomly search for “Mobile versus Desktop Usage and SEO Marketing Statistics” and you will quickly find a plethora of statistics showing that it has been years since mobile took over the desktop for traditional usage.

But for fun, take a moment and use the Google Consumer Barometer for Device Usage, Weekly Smartphone Online Activities. The #1 Item as of last week was 62% use search engines followed by #2 was 59% use social networks.

So before we even worry about your inbound lead generation, are you even at the party? This is Do or Die, it is that simple. Take a moment to reflect on your marketing and realize where the people are, since trust me, your smart competitors will be taking advantage of your hesitancy for simply doing what should have already been done.

Of course we want you to learn all about Marketing for our Industry, but you must realize it is imperative to separate how you are viewed on a desktop versus how you are viewed on mobile devices.

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