The one Silver Bullet for Website Marketing

There is only one Silver Bullet for Website Marketing, and that is Continuity.

We get many calls from contractors asking for help to get more leads, and many are focused on looking for Website Leads.

Way too many have the wrong impression what it takes to get these leads. Some simply think they just need a website with some SEO (which stands for Search Engine Optimization).

Many will further inquire for silver bullet answers in getting more leads. My answer is always the same. It is not a technical topic but rather a philosophical one. The answer is, The Silver Bullet to Marketing is Continuity. Notice I did not say “Website Marketing” since websites are just a part of marketing.

Continuity in marketing is what will help you build a reputation AND sustain the reputation over time.

There is no one shot answer with Continuity, but rather a bucket of options to choose from.

Obviously, you need to have a good responsive website ready to be viewed on either a desktop, tablet or smartphone. And yes, the website must have SEO topics addressed. Some SEO topics are easier to explain such as the topic of Title Tags. Some other SEO topics may be a little harder to explain such as the strategy of Linking.

Regardless of the Website SEO Topics come the many other options that one can intermix to keep the Marketing Continuity merry-go-round moving. New content, Google Reviews, Facebook posts and YouTube videos are a handful of ideas.

Without getting obsessive, here is an example of objectives that one may put on the calendar for each month:

  • Add 1 Page to the Website once per month
  • Add at least 1 post to Facebook each week but no less than once per month
  • Add at least 1 Video to YouTube once per month but no less than once per quarter
  • Add as frequently as possible by getting a customer review via Google, Facebook or Video for YouTube, mixing it up when possible.  There is no maximum when it comes to customer validation.

There are many more permutations and examples we can provide, but all of it goes back to Continuity. The wonderful thing about being a contractor is your entire life can be a Silver Bullet for future opportunities. How long has it been since you have done some marketing? Your business life is unique on a job-by-job basis so there is no excuse to not have a target marketing plan for weekly or monthly movement.

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