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Engagement shows success for social media posts

The image above is beautiful, no doubt about it. But what gets MyOnlineToolbox’s attention first is the engagement created from whatever the Facebook post may be. So in this example, the Facebook post was only live for about half a day, and it received so many emotions (as seen on the left hand side below the picture) and so many comments and shares (as seen on the right hand side of the picture). Full disclosure: this entire social post and every aspect associated with it was guided by MyOnlineToolbox as part of the client’s participation in our Diamond Marketing Engagement.

We believe your social connection should be a true reflection of what services you provide and who your customers are. This Facebook post is successful since it hits the goal straight on.

Many construction contractors incorrectly rely on so-called social media experts, when many of those experts are clueless as to exactly what you do. So perhaps they are great at strategy for using a tool, but it is worthless if they are not representing your brand correctly. The bigger problem is when someone who does social media actually believes they understand your business and begins to promote it incorrectly. The wrong image propagates rather quickly and you definitely do not want that.

This next example is an extreme one towards the quality of Facebook post success, so do not take it for granted. Also, too many go too fast, or do not work in conjunction with one another, so the results are not as good from a cosmetic perspective, a SEO perspective or social engagement perspective. Connecting the DOTS are imperative for continued success.

Here is the step by step guide how the Facebook Social Engagement Post is successful:

  • The remodeling contractor made the customer aware before the project that they wanted to photograph and video the project before they began. In other words, the customer was engaged from the start.
  • The kitchen remodeling project was completed.
  • The photographer took pictures and went through an edit process. There were no interim posts about the project, a common mistake when people are in a rush to share the images before they should be shared.
  • The videographer interviewed the customer and created the video.
  • We checked out the ranking reports to begin to consider the best way to optimize the content. This includes the design of the new landing web page, the title tags, the picture descriptions and even how the video will be titled and optimized.
  • The video was loaded to YouTube with a strategic title, description and tags to support the new landing page.
  • The programmer was given a business objective overview and then created the new landing page with the pictures and YouTube embed instructions. The new remodel project page was linked from existing pages.
  • A few pictures were also used to enhance the portfolio pages.
  • The video was also used to enhance the customer review page.
  • And finally, the correct wording, picture and link was used on Facebook to have a successful social post support the large scale effort of online marketing.
  • PLUS there are a few other things being done, intentionally omitted since this is a Diamond Marketing Engagement client who deserves to have a few great advantages over those picking up the free tips. Sorry.

It is important to see the Facebook post was done towards the end. Too many like to post without giving it too much thought towards the impact of the website. Too many have social media folk who have their self imposed time frames to get a post out simply to show they made X posts in the week or month – and that is wrong.

Do not be in a rush to post just for the sake of more Facebook posting. That holds true for how your pictures and videos and new web pages are created. Too many programmers and social media folk have short term deadlines and objectives that do not fall in line with long term business objectives.

So remember, it takes time to get the customer and time to complete the project, so have your entire marketing arsenal work together to support the long term objectives of More Quality Leads on a consistent basis.

FACEBOOK RESULTS UPDATE ALERT: We originally posted this in the Summer of 2019.  We came back a few months later to include this as part of another story.  And while the results above were a nice start, it turns out they got even better as time progressed.

Facebook Posting Ideas

In this case, the successful Facebook Social Sharing post fits the objective all too well. But the picture on top and the few words you see may surely overlook what went on behind the scenes.

How do you think you stack up against this remodeling contractor?

While it may look easy, it is not. This contractor first created a Marketing Plan & Strategy to help have a methodical approach to his future ability to attract More Quality Leads. And he also took Basic Website Marketing Education & Advanced Website Marketing Education to understand just enough of the supporting technologies to separate himself from others.

So look at your recent Facebook post and follow the link to your website and see if you can match going up against this remodeling contractor with all other aspects being equal.

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