Are your voice messages as old as the phone in the picture above? When was the last time you checked yours?

We make many calls to contractors per day and it is amazing how many greetings can make one laugh.

Please use this as a reminder to check your message to ensure it is inviting to someone who may be looking for a local service provider and is looking for a warm message.

Just recently before this post, we encountered the following:

  • An automatic message set up by the phone provider
  • Absolutely no greeting whatsoever and just go directly to voicemail
  • “The Voice Mailbox of the person you are trying to reach is full, please call back again”
  • “I’m not here, leave a message”
  • “I’m on a job, tell me whatcha want and I’ll get back to when I can”
  • “We are on vacation returning (some date months ago) ….”
  • And some others that we really do not know what to write down in this communication

And there are some really nice ones saying “You have reached ABC company, we are out servicing other customers, your call is important so please leave your name, number and a general description of how we can help, and we will call you back as soon as we can. Also, please leave an email address so we can have another method to reach you after hours. Thanks for calling ABC.”

A big suggestion is to use your company name rather than a personal name so your company seems bigger even if it’s a one-man or two-man show.

MyOnlineToolbox spends so much time helping contractors get more leads to their business. We care about contractors losing any opportunity so the point is

  • Do not forget to check your mailbox message greeting and
  • Clean out your voice message box since rarely will a prospect call back twice

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