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You spend a lot of time and money to get your new website.  You are excited about the big launch.  The launch takes place and you brag about it to all your friends and associates.  Then some time goes by and you wonder why nothing is happening.   We have been involved in hundreds of new website launches. Unfortunately some unexpected issues have occurred that have either diminished or in some cases paralyzed the website marketing from making any traction.  Usually it is a simple mistake or unavoidable SEO impact topic that so here we try to offer some concepts to avoid the negative perceptions or blame in the event something adversely impacts your marketing launch. 

Give yourself some breathing room to run your business while any unexpected issue arise from a new website launch.  The marketing correction and subsequent traction may not happen overnight, so it is better to be aware that on average, MyOnlineToolbox sees its’ customers getting More Quality Leads in three to six months.   Our company experiences everything from one day (it shocked us) to over one year (which we were expecting). 

We offer a suggestion towards the end on how best to avoid the rare circumstance that something impacts your new website marketing.


A Brand New Domain.    We have seen the Domain Authority (similar to a Financial FICO Score for your website) of a well-established company go back to 1 simply by shortening-changing their Domain Address.  In other words, they previously had a longer website address, so they decided to shorten it.  The Search Engines decided it was a brand new company and brought the marketing power of the new website back to the beginning.  This has not always been the case with previous experiences so it was hard to anticipate.

Google My Business is set up wrong. Our customer had a few items missing from the Service Area and Service Hours sections. When we googled the company name it showed a circle around North America for the territory.  We corrected this along with their business hours and website address too, then our first (low) rankings started to appear about a month later.

Another cheap site was launched.   We were in the process of creating a new website. The contractor signed up for a service that created a cheap website. They were told it could be online in days, generating leads too in days.   It was a piece of garbage designed to bring any terrible lead possible, under the concept that a lead is a lead, even if not applicable.  Then our planned real website launched months later and was competing against the other cheap website that already had the traction.   The new better site is diminished against the cheap website.  The contractor really did not understand what was going on. We found out what was happening by mistake when the wrong search results appeared during our audit tests.

Nothing.  Multiple competitors launched fantastic marketing updates during the time we were preparing our work.  The majority of the other competitors were already doing better than our customer, and now a few of the competitors jumped even further ahead.  Even with a new website, the tenure of the other competitive companies had everyone else ahead.   We explained how more aggressive they would need to be with getting reviews, adding fresh content, being active on social media, etc.   The client was more fixated on him spending so much effort and money on the new website. But the competition is simply ahead and now we need to get momentum in order to get ahead. In this case we then have to use the website to help support normal bidding opportunities, but not to secure new opportunities until the rankings approve. 

Have something unique to share for us to add? By all means, please send us a note on the contact section of the site.

SUGGESTIONS HOW TO AVOID THESE RARE CIRCUMSTANCES.    We wish we can give you a silver bullet answer, so the overriding suggestion we can give is to be more proactive with your marketing. 

Do not procrastinate until your business is desperate for leads.   The best time to position your marketing is to not wait for desperation to set in.  You want to have time for normal traction to take place, and you also want to have time to deal with whatever negative situations happen with a new website launch.   We have worked with some rather talented programmers and sometimes these small little things do slip through the cracks, or simply can not be anticipated.   We can blame the programmer for missing something. Often it is some unique combination of events that are not picked up until the actual launch takes place at no fault to the programmer.

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